Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Waffles Report: H.P. Lovecraft, Fact or Fiction?

The icons of truth like myself need to be careful.

We report to you on all manners including government cover-ups, (impending) alien invasion, and general evil intentions. One thing that these powerful groups have in common is that they do not like being discovered. Especially in the case of aliens with super advanced technology, their discovery could cause some issues.

I have been reading the book The Best of HP Lovecraft and I have to say that his writing is so real and tied into what we know about alien conspiracies these days that you have to consider him one of the first beacons of light in the history of bringing the truth to the Sheeple.

Back in Lovecraft's time it was much easier for aliens to get you. With the low populations and the propensity toward religious violence, it was easy for the aliens to incite a crowd against you. The whole Salem Witchcraft trials might have been orchestrated by aliens who were spotted by common people. Instead of letting them spread the truth, they just yelled "Look a witch, she made my cows milk sour!" and the problem was promptly taken care of.

If you have not read any of Lovecraft, I suggest you do. It has all the common themes of the current aliens visiting our planet. It has Cthulhu and his ilk in vast underwater cities.

He touches his story by saying they are trapped under the sea possibly by another alien race. We all know that aliens frequently build their bases under the ocean for privacy reasons.

He talks about giant plant people from Pluto who use mind control and fear to mine precious minerals from the Earth to bring back to their home world. Totally in line with some of the alien tactics we have seen in modern times, although these days it is easier to bribe governments for what they need.

I truly believe that Lovecraft was either an alien, or one of the first human warriors spreading the truth about those among us. I say he may have been an alien because... well have you seen a picture of the guy? He does not look exactly human.

There is something off about Lovecraft. He disguised his truths as fiction and warned us of the alien sympathizer cults that surround us today. He is a true hero and should be honored as such.

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  1. HPL had some great ideas. But, honestly, he was not a very good writer.