Monday, April 30, 2012

Red Pill: Student Loan Bubble, Cannibal Shrimp, Mad Cow, Crushed Nuts, Exploding Meth Labs, and Stargate at the Sun?

It's that time of the week again. So let's get to it. Here's your weekly dose of the Monday morning Red Pill. Bottoms up!
Censorship: We defeated SOPA, but CISPA slipped through the cracks. What is CISPA? It's a new evil manifesting itself: CISPA a.k.a. the New Enemy of the Internet. (Vigilant Citizen)

Mad Cow: Moo! Boo! See what happens when you feed cows and cow shit to cows? There's a newly-found Mad Cow scare going on in California. (Washington's Blog)

Bubbles: Which is the next bubble to burst?A few experts think the student loan bubble is next to pop. (Activist Post)

Road Rage: Wanna talk about a ball buster? Over in China, a woman killed a man by squeezing his balls. The incident was sparked by a parking dispute. Sheesh. I didn't know you could die by getting your nuts crushed. (China Daily)

Oil Spill: Last week we told you about eyeless shrimp. Now, there's another mutation caused by the BP oil spill. This one entails giant cannibal shrimp which are more than a foot in length. (Daily Mail)

Fraud: This is freaky. Like Norman Bates freaky. Man in Brooklyn impersonates dead mother in order to commit fraud. (The Daily Beast)

Cocaine Cowboys: Doing too much blow? You're brain will eventually die of old age if this recent study is valid: cocaine causes the brain to age. ((io9)

Teenage Wasteland: Oh, and when I was a kid, the worst thing you could do was swipe some booze from your parents' liquor cabinet. These days, bored kids are trying to get wasted by drinking... hand sanitizer. It doesn't taste as good as vodka, but I hear all the cool kids are doing it. (LA Times)

Methland, USA: Did you hear the one about the redneck who had a meth lab explode... in his pants. No, this is not a Groucho Marx play on words. A rudimentary meth lab in some dude's pants really exploded. (CBS St. Louis)

Aliens: Is the sun a black hole stargate? According to Dr. Nassim Haramein, the sun is an intergalactic highway, and sun spots and solar flares are caused by alien space ships entering our universe. (A Pleiadian Testimony)

Please share these links by any means necessary. Best of luck surviving the week.


  1. Road Rage: I didn't realize that it was possible to die this way - bad way to go.

  2. In my day we got drunk the old fashioned way by dipping tampons into booze then inserting them in the rectum or vagina!