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Monday, November 5, 2012

Red Pill: S&M Election, $25 Black Market Gas, Yuan World Currency, and Rise of a New Prophet?

It's Monday and time for a dose  of reality with the Monday Red Pill...
Dollar Collapse: Here's the obligatory monthly post about whether or not the Chinese Yuan will replace the U.S. Dollar as the world's reserve currency. (Mish's Global Economic Analysis)

Black Market: In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, a bunch of scumbags have been trying to take advantage of the disaster by selling gas on craiglist for $25/gallon. (Daily Sheeple)

False Prophets: We're on the cusp of the Fourth Turning. If you don't know, there's a cyclical wave of change that happens whether we like it or not. In 1997 Strauss & Howe warned us that a prophet will assume control as remnants of the old social order disintegrate. But who exactly is/will be the "prophet"? (Washington's Blog)

Election: Chris Hedges sounds off on how he views Obama-Romney race as an the S&M Election. He actually explains in detail about how Obama is a dominatrix of the liberal class. (Truth Dig)

Cyber Security: The Canadian government is teaming up with their "Big Brother" in America to help use propaganda to drum up popular support for cyber security. Scare the shit out of the sheeple and they will concede to Big Brother's wishes.

Riots: Here is some great tips on how to escape and survive a riot. (Apartment Preppers)

Killer Leopards: File this one under big cat eats man. A man-eating leopard has killed 15 people in Nepal. The leopard is now stalking new victims. (Disinfo)
Best of luck surviving the week. Please share your favorite links best by any means possible.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Red Pill: Rescue Robots, Third-Party Candidates, Cigar-Shaped UFOs, and Preppers As Prophets?

It's Friday and time for a dose of reality with a Red Pill...
Frankenstorm: It's mass hysteria in NYC. Several days after Hurricane Sandy devastated New York City and New Jersey, anarchy is rampant from the Jersey Shore to Long Island. (Economic Collapse Blog)

Big Brother: Listen up citizens on vacation! Make sure you let the maids in your room, otherwise you will be considered a threat to Homeland Security! Yes, I'm not making that up. Refusing to let maids clean your room at a hotel is now considered suspicious behavior by Big Brother. (End the Lie)

Election: If you do not like Obama or Romney, and want to vote for a third party candidate, then don't get deterred by whatever garbage your friends and family tell you about wasting your vote. Voting for the establishment is wasting your vote. Voting for a third-party candidate is NOT wasting your vote. (Washington's Blog)

Machines: Here come the robots! The Pentagon wants to rush an order for "rescue robots" that will provide relief during natural disasters. (Activist Post)

Dollar Collapse: According to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, the USA will be defeated by China without an arms race or without single shot being fired. How? The collapse of the U.S. Dollar will lead to its removal as the world's reserve currency thereby causing catastrophic effects. (The 4th Media)

UFOs: What the heck are those cigar-shaped objects that keep popping up on amateur UFO videos and videos from the ISS? Sometimes a cigar is not a cigar, eh? (Truth Behind the Scenes)

Preppers: Are preppers the new prophets? Everyone knew Hurricane Sandy was coming several days in advance, yet people were still caught off guard. By the way, here's 5 habits that will help your prepare for a disaster. (Natural News, Apartment Prepper's Blog)
Best of luck surviving the weekend.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Red Pill: Frankenstorm Aftermath, Putin the New Shah of Oil, and Poland's President 2010 Assassination

It's Wednesday and time for an edition of the Red Pill....

Frankenstorm: The NYC subway system is over 100 years old. In that time, it never experienced a more brutal storm than Hurricane Sandy. Several tunnels are flooded with salt water. It will take several days to pump all the water out. As a result, NYC is crippled without a subway system. The overall destruction of Hurricane Sandy along the East Coast could cost in excess of $100 Billion. Oh, and now that there's no places for NYC sewer rats to live after getting flushed out by Sandy, the city might have some serious health issues with a rat infestation. Imagine all those rats running around with hunta virus and other diseases? (Mish's Global Economic Analysis, Zero Hedge)

Preppers: Hurricane Sandy was a natural disaster that everyone knew about days before it happened. That allowed everyone to evacuate or get ready and brace themselves before the storm. This is an interesting article... What Hurricane Sandy Reveals About the Future of Preparedness? (Activist Post)

Assassination: I'm surprised this story hasn't gotten more MSM attention: Explosive traces 'found on crashed Polish presidential jet'. In 2012, Polish President Lech Kaczynski was killed when his plane crashed in Russia. (Raw Story)

Big Oil: Who's the new shah of oil? It's Vladmir Putin! Remember when Russia bankrupted Yukos Oil, threw their owner in jail, then seized the oil fields? If you want to do oil business in Russia, you have to play hard ball and who knows how to pay better than Putin? In a major deal that also got very little coverage in MSM, Putin's Rosneft Oil has now become the largest oil company in the world after joining forces with BP. (Activist Post)
Best of luck surviving today.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Red Pill: Frankenstorm, Athens Street War, and Prop 37

Happy Monday. As Hurricane Sandy bears down on the East Coast, it's time for a dose of the Red Pill....
Food and Big Agra: Who is really funding opposition to Prop 37, which is labeling foods that were genetically engineered? Big Agra doesn't want the public to know what they've been cooking up behind the scenes, so they donated tons of cash to make anti-Prop 37 TV ads. Some of those corporations fighting Prop 37 are... Monsanto ($4.2 million), Conagra ($1 million),   Coke ($1.1 million),Pepsi ($1.7 million), Kellogg ($632K) and General Mills ($520K). When you tally it all up, that's a $26 million warchest to fight Prop 37.  Oh, and supporters of Prop 37 raised a total of $2.6 million. Big Agra is spending millions of dollars to create propaganda. If you live in California, spread the word about Prop 37. (Infographic)

Frankenstorm: Here's 17 things you need to know about Frankenstorm. What else is the MSM not telling you about Frankenstorm? Well, Hurricane Sandy might score a direct hit on spent fuel rods at nuclear plants in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Here's a list of nuclear plants in the path of Hurricane Sandy. (Economic Collapse Blog, George Washington's Blog, TD Waterhouse Markets)

Riots: Want to get up close and personal and experience the Greece riots? There's a constant battle for the streets of Athens as police and citizens clash in crazy confrontations that include homemade firebombs and rocks. Oh, and riots were happening on U.S soil. In San Francisco, the hipsters got a little rowdy after the hometown Giants won the World Series. Riots ensued. (YouTube, SF Weekly)

Censorship: Why is the MSM ignoring a lot of real issues? Simply put... they don't want to be imprisoned. Obama turned journalists into criminals is a great piece written by a journalist who has gotten screwed by censors on more than one occasion. (Amber Lyon)

UFOs: Did that UFO fly into a volcano? (YouTube)
Best of luck surviving today and Frankenstorm!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Red Pill: Facebook Bait and Switch, Ben Bernanke Destroying America, No Real Debates, and Mass Firings

It's Friday. Congrats on making tit this far. Here's a dose of reality with the Friday Red Pill...

Unemployment: About all those new jobs that were supposed to be created? Where are they? Instead, you keep hearing about companies trimming their fat by getting rid of their oldest employees. Mass firings have become the norm the last few years. How will this affect unemployment numbers? By the way, you also have to read about how the bottom is falling out and 15 signs that layoffs and job losses are skyrocketing. (Global Economic Analysis, Economic Collapse Blog)

Facebook: Something shady is going on at Facebook HQ. Earlier this year, the pulled off a bait and switch. Read more about it here: I want my friends back! (Dangerous Minds)

Debate: The entire Presidential election process is a big fat joke. And don't get me started about the dog and pony show that the debates have turned into. It's not a forum to discuss real issues, but it's propaganda to let the sheeple think they are about to elect someone who actually cares about their problems. Yes, in Amerika, there will never be an actual political debate. Paul Craig Roberts explains why.  (Institute for Political Economy)

Assassination: This one is not fodder for conspiracy forums because it happened in in public. The head of British Exxon/Mobil was killed execution-style at an Italian restaurant in Brussels. Why? No one knows for sure but right now Belgium police had issued a media blackout over the incident. (Telegraph)

Banksters: Can you imagine a world without American financial hegemony? Is the world abandoning the American economy? All signs point to yes. By the way, you have to read this bit about hedgefund guru David Einhorn discussing how Ben Bernanke is destroying America. (New America Now, Zero Hedge)

Preppers: Here's a handy list of the top survival items you'll find at the supermarket that is not food. (Activist Post)
Best of luck surviving today and enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Red Pill: New Pot Barons, MSM's Magic Tricks, and Hiding the Truth About Europe's Collapse

It's Wednesday and time for a Hump Day edition of the morning Red Pill...
Marijuana: Will Big Business swoop in and take control of the marijuana market once it gets legalized? That's a good question that is discussed in The New Pot Barons: Business Bank on Marijuana.  (The Daily Beast)
Euro Collapse: Greece is burning. Spain is rioting. Italy is the next country to collapse in the E.U. Check out Mish's take on Italy 2013: Rescue Me. Yes, the ugly truth about Europe is that the MSM doesn't want to tell you how bad it really is. (Global Economic Analysis, Zero Hedge)

Financial Collapse:  Check out this haunting video about Financial Collapse 2013: The End of Bretton Woods System. Yes, the entire paradigm is about to shift. (Activist Post)

TSA: Did you know that the TSA is removing the most harmful X-Ray machines from major cities and moving them to airports in smaller cities, because fewer people will complain about it. (Daily Mail)

MSM: How does the MSM deceive its viewers with its magic tricks. (Waking Times)
Best of luck surviving the week.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Red Pill: Prevent Facebook from Tracking You, Election Fraud, Post-Election Riots, and Mass UFO Sightings in Texas and the U.K.

Welcome back to the Monday morning Red Pill. Don't get too bummed about about today being the start of the week. The fact that you're here is a great start. That simple action demonstrated that you're a true thinker and an individual who avoids the "hive mind" setting. I applaud you for  seeking out alternative avenues to find out what the hell is really going on out there, because after all, you can't trust the established media delivery systems -- they are corrupt as hell and motivated by profits and cultivating public sentiment on specific issues. But more importantly, don't even trust us. We're not here to convert you. We're here to help you get more comfortable questioning everything.

Here's a little dose of reality...
Big Brother: Facebook tracks your every mood. That's not nice, right? They don't care. But, you should be aware that you can take steps to prevent Facebook from tracking you. (Federal Jack)

Election Fraud: Stalin said it best... It's not who votes, it's who counts the votes that matters the most! If you don't have a brother who is a governor to help you fix votes, you can do something a lot easier... like own the voting machines in a decisive state. (Forbes)

United Fascist States of America: The good old US of A has been slowing evolving into a fascist state. If you don't believe me, just read what GW has to say... The Real Reason America Is Drifting Towards Fascism. (George Washington's Blog)

Riots: Why is the government making preparations for a massive riot after the Presidential Elections? Are government agencies prepping to be under siege if Obama loses and riots flare up in the inner cities? Or is this just hype to scare undecided voters into keeping the calm and voting for Obama (Natural News)

Collapse: Do you hear that? The slow rumble of collapse before it happens. Here's 25 signs of social decay because we're experiencing the Last Days of America. (Economic Collapse Blog)

UFOs: There were two major mass sightings in Texas and the United Kingdom, that whipped the UFO community into a frenzy. (
Best of luck surviving the week.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Red Pill: Scripted Beauty Contests, Food Crisis and Giant UFO by the Sun

Congrats on getting this far. It's Friday and time for a a dose of the Red Pill...
Election: Do you feel cheated? With so much at stake, you figure the guys running for President would sit down and discuss their plans for the future of the country. But instead, the Presidential debates are nothing but scripted beauty contests. (Zero Hedge)

Drug War: What are our troops doing overseas? How about patrolling the poppy fields in Afghanistan. Why are they doing that instead of hunting down terrorists? That's a great question. (Washington's Blog)

Food: One of the most powerful means of control is food. The Haves control the land, the production and distribution of food, while the have-nots are subjugated by default. The Next Food Crisis Will Be Caused By Globalist Land-Grabs and Privatization. (Occupy Corporatism)

UFOs: Here's the latest update about those UFOs hanging out around the sun... a giant UFO was very close to the sun when it unleashed a prominence (plasma cloud). (Truth Behind the Scenes)

Survivalists: Have you considered studying martial arts? The upside is getting in shape, learning discipline, and having a value means to defend you and your family when TSHTF. Here's a breakdown on Martial Arts for the Survivalists. (Al-Market)
Have fun this weekend. You never know if it will be your last.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Red Bill: Giant Eyeball, Police Thwarts Mass Suicide from Doomsday Cult, and FEMA's Domes

Let's wake up and snort the coffee. How about a daily dose of reality with a Thursday edition of the Red Pill!
Eyeballs: What was that gigantic eyeball that washed up on a beach in Florida? Was it from a monster squid, a big-ass whale, or how about Godzilla? (Orlando Sentinel)

Cults: Brazil is an awesome place to visit, but stay away from those freaky doomsday cults! Police raided a compound just before 100 cult members were attempting mass suicide to usher in the apocalypse. (Daily Mail)

Disaster: Why is the FEMA building disaster-proof domes in Texas? They can withstand 250 mph winds. What exactly is the federal government preparing for? Are they expecting a mega-storm or a Super Hurricane to tear through the Gulf? Or are  up to something else? (Intel Hub)

Election: The Presidential debates have been a huge waste of time. This British writer thinks the debate rules are lame. (The Guardian)

Food, Inc.: The big massive food and beverage corporations pad their bank accounts by screwing over their loyal customers. Here's 9 supermarket tips that your local grocer won't tell you. (Activist Post)

Financial Collapse: Booms and busts. Bubbles are a part of the financial cycle but if you don't get out in time, then you lose everything. Central banks of the world are engineering a major financial collapse. Europe is drowning in sovereign debt. China is doing everything they can to hide the truth of their financial demise. And the U.S. is keeping its citizens distracted with entertainment and sports and hatred of their neighbors, meanwhile, the Banksters are keeping up a huge Ponzi scheme by injecting the money created by Ben Bernanke's printing press. But... is this just ramped fear mongering, or just manipulation? (Transmissions Media, Zero Hedge)
Good luck surviving today. Share your favorite links by any means necessary.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Kubrick Question; Was He Silenced?

We're rabid fans of Stanley Kubrick. The American-born photographer and director has been mentioned in different conspiracy circles. For those of whom believe the moon landing was faked, they are convicned Kubrick was involved in some manner.

Regardless of your moon-related beliefs, Stanley Kubrick is a baffling and compelling fellow. His cinematic style is unique and his films spanned five decades as he zig-zagged throughout different psychological genres like Dr. Strangelove, 2001: A Space Oddysey, A Clockwork Orange, The Shinning, and Full Metal Jacket.

In this episode of Corbett's podcast, you get to hear a rare clip of an interview with the ultimate reclusive Kubrick. Corbett seeks for some hidden meanings in Kubrick's films. He also wonders if Kubrick was a whistle-blower and the powers that be silenced him for revealing too much...

For a deeper exegesis on Kubrick's films, set aside some time and delve into Kubrick Creator: Alchemy in Stanley Kubrick’s Films.


Check out Chuck Klosterman's article today in Grantland. He recently screened the documentary Room 237 and shared his thoughts.

Red Pill: Vaccinations, Haunted Roller Derby, Police Camera at Your Front Door, and China's Military Exercises

It's time for a Wednesday edition of the Red Pill. Yes, it's time for another dose of reality...

Paranormal: How about an old-school ghost story haunting a roller rink. Yeah, seriously. Did you hear the Haunted roller derby team? (Ghosts ans Ghouls)

Big Brother: Now this is just ridiculous... police cameras right outside your front door! It's only a matter of time before there's cameras inside our homes. (ACLU)

WW3: Why is China's military practicing an invasion of an island? What are they preparing for? China's highest-ranking generals have been warning their troops to prepare for an Armageddon-type of war. But who exactly is their enemy? Russia? NATO? USA?  (You Tube)

MSM: Good question... is traditional media dying? Yes. Whatever left over is political propaganda or consumer brainwashing disguised as "news" or news-like entertainment. (Wake Up World)

Vaccines: This is a valid question: why does the government seem so concerned about vaccinating you? Makes you wonder what they are really injecting you with. Besides, when did Big Pharma give anything away for free? (Luis Manuel)
Best of luck surviving today!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Red Pill: RIFD Chips for Kids, Cell Phone Health Risks, and Plasma UFO Over Tijuana

It's Tuesday morning and time for a daily dose of the Red Pill...
Big Pharma: No wonder there's a major shortage for Adderall... it's because any kid below the learning curve is getting prescribed some sort of ADHD medication. Big Pharma is reaping in profits while our children are turned into pill popping speed freaks. (Activist Post)

Big Brother: Get to them while they're young... that way they'll grow into obedient adults who will accept that every aspect of their lives will be monitored by the government. This is another one of those stories that makes you realize Big Brother is using student RFID chipping to conditions American youths to accept widespread and ubiquitous government surveillance. If you think that's Orwellian, then you have to watch this video about RID chips will track down truants and monitor eating habits of your kids. (Occupy Corporatism, You Tube)

Cell Phone Health: Remember when Big Tobacco said their products did not cause cancer? Well mobile phone companies have been denying an correlation to brain cancer and their product. Regardless of whatever B.S. you hear (from both sides) about health dangers related to cell phones, you should find out what is really in a product that you keep so close to your brain or sitting in your pocket so close to your reproductive organs for several hours a day. (Activist Post)

Collapse: Here's another one of those lists that make me pull my hair out... 21 Signs the Global Economic Crisis Is Going to a Whole New Level. (Economic Collapse Blog)

Re-Writing History: History is written by the victors, right? Well, seventy years after Pearl Harbor, we're aware that the U.S. military intelligence apparatus and the British government knew of an impending invasion by Japan but allowed it to happen. The attack was just a part of an eight point plan to provoke a war with Japan. (Zero Hedge)

UFOs: How about a video of a sighting in Tijuana, Mexico. It's some sort of translucent orb of plasma. (NY UFO)
Best of luck surviving today. Please share your favorite links by any means necessary.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Red Pill: Living in the Matrix, Currency Wars, Walmart Protests, and Born Addicted

It's Monday morning. I know, it sucks. But there's an upside. You're here for your dose of the daily Red Pill. Get ready. Get set. Let's go...
Matrix: Are we living in a computer simulation. How do we know that chicken tastes like chicken? Physicists say there may be a way to prove that we live in a computer simulation. Maye they are onto something. I swear to God, I see glitches in the "Matrix" all the time. I used to think it was an acid flashback but now, I'm not too certain. (io9)

Evil Empire: We can learn a lot about the future (and current status) of America by studying the British Empire and it's rise and fall through the 1800s and 1900s. This is a thorough report called The Empire's Double Edged Sword: Global Military and NGOs, which explains what happens when the Empire tore down sovereign nations and replaced them with "global system administrators." (Land Destroyer)

Walmart Protests: It's good to see workers stand up to the Walmart clan. protests have spread to 28 stores across 12 states For decades, every knows how horrible Walmarts exploits and treats their workers. Part of the reason the Walton family has amassed billions is because they keep wages low and get most of their products from China. (NY Times)

WW3: Are the current hostilities in Syria the launching pad for World War III? British forces are joining US Forces on the Jordan-Syria border. Of course, Obama sent American troops without consent of Congress. Also involved in this mess is Syria's neighbor, Turkey, who recently deployed tanks and jets to the Syrian border. (Global Research, Counter Psy Ops)

Currency Wars: Mish sounds off about how Bernanke Defends Fed Policy, Calls for Emerging Market Currency Appreciation. Yes, we're in the middle of a currency war with China, Brazil, and the Banksters who run the IMF. (Global Economic Analysis)

Addiction: Journalist Amber Lyon examined the rise of newborn babies with opioid addiction because their moms abused prescription painkillers. Born Addicted is a haunting look inside the widespread use of pregnant women popping pills. (Vimeo)
Best of luck surviving this week.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Red Pill: Man Dies After Winning Cockaroach-Eating Contest, Chemtrails, Dirty Banks, and Who Killed JFK?

It's Friday... time for your daily dose of the Red Pill...

Regime Change: The Banksters failed at trying to overthrow Hugo Chavez, who recently won a major election against a U.S.-backed opposition. Read more about Venezuela's victory over Wall Street. Since we're on the topic... Attacking Democracy: U.S., Chavez, and the Destabilization of Venezuela. (Land Destroyer, Stop Imperialism)

JFK: There's so many different conspiracies floating around the web. This one targets Big Oil as the main culprit behind the execution of President Kennedy in Dallas in 1963. (Psy Ops)

Banksters: Big Banks have been laundering money for major criminal enterprises for centuries, and HSBC is the world's dirtiest bank. The British needed friendly banks in the 19th Century to handle opium profits. After the Vietnam War, banks was flooded with heroin proceeds. After 9/11, poppy field production soared in Afghanistan, which led to billions more in profits from the illegal heroin trade. (Left Hook)

Chemtrails: What the hell are they spraying? The Swedish Green Party reveals what we've suspected all along: toxic mix of chemicals and viruses. (Tap Blog)

Eating Contests: Be careful what you consume in eating competitions, like disease-infested insects. Yes, a Florida man died moments after winning a cockroach-eating contest at a local pet store. (Smoking Gun, BBC)
Congrats on surviving the week. Please share your favorite links by any means necessary.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Red Pill: 30,000 Spy Drones, New Oil Spill, Anarchy, and Lemmings Led to WW3

Happy Thursday. You're almost done with the week. That means it's time to celebrate with a daily dose of the Red Pill...
Oil Spill: BP hasn't even finished cleaning up their mess before another major leak, a four-mile long oil slick, has appeared in the Gulf of Mexico at BP's Macondo's well.(Washington's Blog)

Big Brother: Coming soon to a sky near you... a federal spy drone! The government will be putting 30,000 drones into service to keep an eye on American airspace. Is the new drone deployment another layer of defense? Or is it just a way for the government to spy on Americans? (Hang the Bankers)

NDAA: The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is just one of many ways the government is trying to gain a tighter grip on its citizens' freedoms. Journalist Amber Lyon explains... Why I Say Fuck the NDAA (Amber Lyon)

WWIII: Whether we know it or not, America is being led into another world war, but all the reasons for our involvement in the Middle East are being fabricated. We're mere lemmings at the precipice of WWIII. You should also take a look at Beyond the Propaganda: The Real Reason the U.S. Does Not Want a Nuclear Iran. Meanwhile, the airwaves are flooded with Western Propaganda: Catastrophic Attempt to Trigger a Syrian-Turkish War. (NorthEast Intelligence Network, Psy Ops, Land Destroyer Report)

Anarchy: How bad can anarchy be? Will it be worse than the corporate-Bankster-military-industrial-media-complex controlled Nanny State we live in right now? Here's a good case for anarachy. It's a two-part series... In Praise of Anarchy, Part 1 and Part 2. (ClubOrlov)

Best of luck surviving today. Please share your favorite stories by any means necessary.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Red Pill: Hating the Electoral Process, Price Fixing in the Energy Market, UFO Fleet Videos, and Most Dangerous Cities in the World

It's Wednesday Hump Day and the perfect time for your daily dose of the Red Pill...
Elections: Matt Taibbi says that the media's hype is the reason why Americans are beginning to hate the electoral process. You can blame the media all you want and they might be culpable, but one thing is certain, what seemed to work several hundred years ago has become an outdated and flawed system. I doubt any politicians would put their careers on the line by rallying for an overhaul in how we elect our presidents. (Rolling Stone)

Crime: The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina still lingers in New Orleans. The beloved Crescent City was the highest American city (ranked 21) listed on The 50 Most Dangerous Cities In The World. Every city in the Top 20 were located somewhere in Latin America. How much of that crime is related to the American Drug War? (Business Insider)

Rituals: Did Joss Whedon do that life-imitating-art thing by secretly revealing how the elites morbidly celebrate ritualistic and occult deaths/sacrifices in his genre-bending horror film The Cabin in the Woods? (Vigilant Citizen)

LIBOR: Whenever you kick over a rock, who knows how many critters you'll find crawling around. A lot of them dig holes, and you never know how deep those holes go. In the case of the LIBOR scandal, you knew it was a matter of time before someone made connections to similar price-fixing. This instance, LIBOR-Gate comes to the Crude Oil with price fixing in the Energy markets.(Zero Hedge)

UFOs: Remember that UFO fleet everyone was talking about a couple weeks ago? Well, here's some video of the fleet and its supposed moon base. (A Pleiadian Testimony)
Best of luck surviving today.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Red Pill: Civil War 2.0, Enter Detroit at Your Own Risk, and Congress Prepping for Mass Deaths

Tuesday morning. Time for another edition of the Red Pill. Wake up and snort some reality!
Poison Brownies: Be careful of crazy neighbors offering baked goods spiked with window cleaner. That's what happened down under in Australia where a teenaged girl tried to kill two of her neighbors with tainted brownies. (Daily News)

Wild, Wild, Detroit: Remember 150 years ago when the American frontier was a bastion of lawlessness? Well if that's your idea of fun, you should visit Detroit, a city where the inmates run the asylum and the local police are telling people to "enter at your own risk!" (Economic Collapse Blog)

Civil War 2.0: The Elites (Banksters and oligarchs) don't want the peasants revolting against the Establishment so they are doing everything within their power to drive more wedges into the populace. As long as we're fighting against each other, we won't be able to come together and upsur those in power. We need to wake up because  undeniable, an American Civil War, is in the cards. (New America Now)

Fat City, USA: Rome is burning and most of us are too fat and too out-of-shape to run out of the burning city. Decline, Decay, Denial, Delusion and Despair is an articulate rant about America's bloated debt problem echos rampant and excessive obesity in America. (The Burning Platform)

Big Event: Does Big Brother know something we don't? Is a major event imminent that coming that will wipe out millions of Americans?? Mega-quake? Terrorist nuke strike? Zombie Apocalypse?  So why exactly  did Congress pass HR 6566, an amendment to the Homeland Security Act, that makes FEMA responsible for prepping for "mass fatality planning" in America? (Daily Sheeple)

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Red Pill: Giant Bats, Destroying the Rolling Stones, Al-Qaeda's Setting Forest Fires, and Spying on You Thru Your Webcam

It's Monday morning. Time to wake up and snort this edition of the daily Red Pill....
Big Brother: Be careful about your laptop. It can and will be used against you as a powerful way to spy on you! Make sure the next time you have sex, make sure you shut off your laptop and don't leave it on because you can be spied on. Don't believe me? Seven rental companies settled with former customers for spying on them without their consent. (Wired)

Big Bats: This is the type of story that would give me nightmares for months as a little kid. A human-sized bat was captured in Peru. This thing is friggin' huge! No wonder entire villages were terrified. (Truth Behind the Scenes)

Al-Qaeda: The Russian secret service said that Al-Qaeda cells were responsible for a rise in forest fires throughout Europe. Suspicious fires in Portugal and Spain have caused millions of Euros in property damage, but who is really behind the arson? (Daily Mail)

Collapse: Preparing for collapse is futile. Why? Because America has already collapsed after being ransacked by the global elites. The nation we are today is the complete opposite of what our Founding Fathers original intended. (New America Now)

COINTELPRO: Back int he 1960s, the U.S. Government worked diligently behind the scenes to infiltrate the music industry. The FBI was running something called COINTELPRO, which was a program that worked with the British government to bring down their top bands. Here's a stunning article about How the MI5 plotted to destroy The Rolling Stones. They were foolish to think they could take down Keith Richards.... he's a vampire and will live for another 100 years! (Daily Mail)
Best of luck surviving the week. Please share your favorite stories by any means possible.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Red Pill: Culturally Bankrupt, Big Oil Controls Our Politicians, Mexican Drug Cartels in America and Government Lies

It's Friday morning and time for a daily dose of the Red Pill!
Culturally Bankrupt: America is a nation drenched in lies. No one tells anyone the truth about what's really going on down on Wall Street, or what the politicians in Washington are really doing. Our children are taught half-truths about major aspects of our nation's history! We're a nation living in the dark. The powers that be work hard to keep Americans doped up on bad television, distracted by professional sports, and focused on their own narcissistic agendas wasting time on social media sites instead of trying to figure out what's really going on. We've become...  A Culture of Delusion.(Activist Post)

Big Oil: File this one under "No shit, Sherlock!" Big Oil funds our politicians and political parties. Our thirst for oil is driving foreign policy.(Zero Hedge)

Child Labor: Did you know about the thousands of foreign kids working that asses off on American farms? They are a part of a dirty secret and horrifying reminder that Big Agra farms are manipulating migrant workers and their children, who work for little or no pay. Read more about the child labor farm that operated in Oregon. (Oregon Live)

Propaganda: If you keep repeating a lie long enough, eventually all the sheeple will believe you.... How the government's lies become truth. (Institute for a Political Economy)

Drug War: Part of the reason we;re losing the Drug War is because dangerous Mexican Cartels are operating on U.S soil. The Federales are such big pussies that they are doing nothing about it.... Mexican Diplomat says America invited the Sinaloa Cartel across the border. Don't forget, who gets to launder all those billions in drug money? That's right, U.S. banks. (Business Insider)

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Red Pill: Alien Mummy, Keynesian Collapse, Fast Food Giants Brainwashing Kids, and the Failed Drug War

It's Thursday morning and time for a daily dose of the Red Pill...
Collapse:  The Keynesian era is coming to an end. Here's a breakdown on the impending  Economic Collapse: Dancing on the Grave of Keynesianism. (New America Now)

Fast Food: The Fast Food giants have been brainwashing children over the years according to "I'm Lovin' It": Fast-Food Logos Imprinted on Children's Brains.  (Medical Daily)

Terrorists: In America, Journalists are considered terrorists. Honest reporting is getting lumped in with the dissenters and all of them are being labeled as enemies of the State. (George Washington's Blog)

Pyramids: Archeologists in Egypt discovered something strange in one of the smaller pyramids. The mummified remains did not look human. Is it an alien? Do they have extraterrestrial origins? Or did one of the pharaohs get buried with a mummified monkey? (Tech-e)

Mars: You've seen some of the pictures from Mars, but don't you think something fishy is going on? Is Curiosity rover really on Mars? That photo which surfaced recently is very strange indeed. (Vigilant Citizen)

Drug War: Was wasting billions on the Drug War really worth it? The bad guys just get richer and richer, while the government spends billions and billions of taxpayer dollars trying to prevent something that they will never be able to stop. Here's a nifty infographic on how the preposterous "War on Drugs" failed. Miserably. (Disinfo)

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