What is Tao of Fear?

We love fear. We love to embrace fear. We love to fear fear. We love to make fun of fear, which often means making fun of ourselves.

The Tao of Fear is a corner of the internet where we shall share our thoughts and information on the downfall of civilization including the impending collapse of the financial markets and the ensuing global meltdown. We'll also share snarky commentary about current events, social media, and intricate concepts (both explained and unexplained) that keep us awake at night.

Along the way, we'll share links, videos, documentary films, weekly rants by Max Keiser, UFO videos, and other half-baked concepts with you. Feel free to do the same and drop us an email or leave a comment. We love to hear about new books, films, and articles that are often on the fringe of the mainstream.

Tao of Fear features the Red Pill, which is a link dump specifically designed for fear mongers. We'll have a Red Pill for you every Monday morning, and sometimes there's so many juicy links we want to share, that we'll publish a second or even a third Red Pill during the week.

Don't miss the Waffles Report by Sir F Walgman. The intrepid "Waffles" rants on a variety of topics and pulls no punches, so you don't want to miss out when he reveals a bit of his tweaked world view.

And yes, we all adhere to the mantra, "Just because you're not paranoid, doesn't mean they are not after you."

Don't be afraid of fear. Embrace fear. If you conquer your fears, you can achieve anything.