Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Man Time Travels to 22nd and 28th Century

Is Al Bielek full of horse shit? Or did he really travel in time from to 2137 and then 2749 before returning to our timeline?

Al Bielek served in the Navy during WWII and took part of the Philadelphia Experiment. Al and his brother Duncan supposedly made a leap to 2137. He the jumped to 2749, where he lived for two years before he returned to the 20th Century.

Is Al's story a well crafted hoax by someone with a mental illness, or someone who read one too many Philip K. Dick books? Or is this guy legit, and there's more to everything than we really know?

Al and his brother Duncan jumped into 2137 A.D., but the entire time was mostly spent in an infirmary recovering from radiation damage. He and his brother watched a lot of "TV" and the 22nd century version of the "history channel" and educational channels.

During his two months recovering as a patient, Al discovered the Earth survived a major event (earthquakes/pole shift) around 2025, which altered the coastlines of the U.S. He saw including maps that indicated the Georgia coastline had gone inland and Atlanta was three miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The majority of Florida was gone, except for the Panhandle. Most of the Gulf of Mexico had enveloped the lowlands and the cities of New Orleans and Houston were no more. The Great Lakes consolidated into one Great Great Lake. San Diego and most of Southern California were wiped out, but most of the higher sections of Los Angeles survived as a series of islands.

Al said that 300 million people lived on Earth with over 50 million living in the 22nd Century. He said several billion died because of a world war with each other and a war with invading aliens, who fed on human flesh. The U.S. military forward-engineered alien technology to help defeat the invaders.

Here's an interview with Al (recorded in 2000), about his time in 2137...

So, what was the 28th Century like? People lived in floating cities that are 2,200 stories high. Al describes a civilization run by a synthetic intelligence called the "Lama" who was created by a group of engineers called "The Builders"  or the "Wingmakers."

Here's the first four part interview with Al about his experiences in 2749...

 Here's Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4.

Oh, Al also said there's no life on Earth after 3000 for reasons unknown.

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