Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Shining Code, Stanley Kubrick, and Fake Moon Landings

Did Stanley Kubrick help NASA and the U.S. Government fake the moon landings? If so, did he use The Shining to reveal his involvement? Kubrick's film version is a vast departure from Stephen King's original novel. Even King was reported of saying how he hated Kubrick's interpretation.

This video makes one helluva argument revealing how Kubrick used hidden symbols and messages in The Shining as a secret confession about faking Apollo 11's mission to the moon.

This documentary is titled The Shining Code...

A couple weeks ago, we posted a special edition of The Corbett Report in which James Corbett wonders if Stanley Kubrick was silenced for his subversive films.

For more into the Kubrick mystery, check out Chuck Klosterman's article on Grantland... Room 237.

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