Sunday, October 28, 2012

Frankenstorm, HAARP, and Rigged Elections

Have you seen the latest Haarp Status?

This was taken yesterday. Notice that it is on full blast on the East Coast. Purple is a magnitude 10. A white spot means it's off the charts. The white spot is over New Jersey and New York City exactly where Hurricane Sandy is supposed to strike land.

Also, look at the West Coast. There's some activity over Oregon. Did that have something to do with the 7.7 earthquake in British Columbia, Canada?

Dutch Since posted about HAARP activity off the coast of the Carolinas that affected Hurricane Sandy.

We came across this video yesterday from someone suggesting that the Frankenstorm will cause power outages for several days including Election Day. That's a happy accident or suspicious coincidence?

Also check out this video that describes chemtrails affecting and manipulating Sandy:

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