Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chinese Video Exposes Plot for WW3 and a London Olympics False Flag Attack

Watch this video before the YouTube secret police take it down. I've seen a few versions of this Chinese commercial for the Euro 2012 Cup over the last few weeks, but it never stays up for more than a couple of days before it suspiciously disappears by Big Brother's censors.

What does China know about London that we don't?

For the last few years, rumors suggested that the London Olympics will be the location for a false flag attack. The video above uses symbolism to expose the potential incident that will trigger WWIII.

* * *

Editor's Note: As predicted by CSM, the YouTube police yanked the controversial video from its archives. I will leave the code up for the "censored" video as proof. Luckily, we found a version of the original and haunting Euro 2012 commercial via Vimeo, which appears below. - Pauly


  1. As predicted, the YouTube police took this down less than 72 hours after you posted this!! I will look for an mirrored upload.

    In the meantime, if anyone finds a copy of this video, please post the link. Thanks!

  2. I found the original video on Vimeo: