Monday, April 2, 2012

Red Pill: RIP Internet Privacy, Amish Beard Cutting Spree, Micro-Chipping Students, Killer Cell Phones, Unknown Object on Moon, and North Sea Leak

It's Monday morning. And you know what that means? Time for your weekly dose of the Red Pill. Please share your favorite links with the public by any means necessary....
Big Brother: The days of privacy are coming to an end, and the concept of "internet privacy" is virtually nonexistent. This is a haunting read.... 10 Reasons Why Nothing You Do On The Internet Will Ever Be Private Again. Oh and while we're on the topic of Big Brother... you should smile the next time you walk down the street because there's a new facial recognition system scans 36 million faces per second. (End of the American Dream, End the Lie)

Amish Crime Blotter: It's never a dull day in the boonies of Ohio, especially in the rural communities populated by Amish people. They've been victims of a cruel prank carried about by inbred white trash locals... Four US women charged in Amish beard-cutting attacks. (Yahoo)

Shakedown: Just when you thought you had a horrible experience at airports dealing with TSA thugs, now you have the added worry about getting your valuables stolen by stickey-fingered baggage handlers. Here's something the airline industry doesn't want you to read, especially if you fly out of New York's busy JFK airport... Over 200 items stolen at JFK airport... every single day. As an experienced traveler, I never check my bags and if I do, I always take all of my valuables with me in a carry-on. Never trust anyone! (Daily Mail)

Deadly Vices: Do you spend too much time yapping on your cell phone? If so, then you might get sick one way or another... Is Your Cell Phone Killing You? (Activist Post)

Schools Are Prisons: Looks like a bunch of Brazilian school kids ae going to be guinea pigs for Big Brother... 43,000 Brazilian students required to wear locator chips on their school uniforms . This will be coming soon to a US school near you! (Vigilant Citizen)

Banksters: So what's the next racket for the banksters? How about bribing the muppets in Washington to assist in legislating greater Wall Street theft. (Activist Post)

Petro Dollar: Is China making a move to cock-block the U.S. dollar? Sound slike that's the case according to this article.... Saudi Arabia And China Team Up To Build A Gigantic New Oil Refinery. Looks like this move is just the beginning of the end of the almighty Petro Dollar. (Economic Collapse Blog)

Environment: Is this the next 'BP deep sea disaster'? Massive Gas Leak in North Sea. (Mother Jones)

Preppers: Are you trying to build up your emergency supplies without busting the bank? Not to fear because here's a list of valuable prepping supplies that only cost 99 cents. (Apartment Prepper)

Moon: What the heck is that floating above the surface of the moon? Is that an UFO or some other alien artifact? (Truth Behind the Scenes)

You got this far in life, but just in case something weird happens.... best of luck surviving the week.

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