Monday, April 23, 2012

Red Pill: Eyeless Shrimp in the Gulf, Secret of Magic Mushrooms, Solving the Ritilan/Adderall Shortage, and Waiting for the Euro to Collapse

It's Monday morning. Don't worry. You've come to the right place for a dose of the Red Pill. If you're looking for a pick-me up, then some of these stories will definitely sober you up...
Europe Collapse: We've been waiting for the Euro to collapse since 2008, yet the damn sucker is still artificially afloat. But when will it all burst? Soon... especially if the IMF is warning about the Euro going busto. Meanwhile... the Greek domino has been burnt to the crisp. Which domino is the next to fall? Holland? Czech? Solvakia? Mish shed some insight on which country he thinks is next to topple... European Splintering Escalates: Dutch Government Falls; Slovakia Government Collapsed in March; Czech Government Collapse Coming Right Up. (Alexander Higgins, Global Economic Analysis)

Schools Are Prisons: When I went to school, if we screwed up, the nuns would smack us with a ruler. These days? You're treated like a Jihadist in Gitmo. What the hell is going on in our public schools? 10 Disgusting Examples Of Very Young School Children Being Arrested, Handcuffed And Brutalized By Police. (End of the American Dream)

Sci-fi and Surveillance: This is something right out of Philip K. Dick's fantasy world... researchers design chip allowing mobile devices to see through walls. (End the Lie)

TSA: We already know that body scanners are vulnerable and cause cancer. But that's not deterring the TSA from making a push to install body scanners nationwide. (You Tube)

Slave Labor: Ever wonder how your cool iPad was made? Here's a glimpse into the controversial working conditions inside the manufacturer of iPads and other Apple products. (Dis Info)

Drugs: Shroooms. Did you know the government was paying close attention to special studies done on psychedelic mushrooms? Read about it in.... Secret History of Magic Mushrooms. Oh, remember that shortage of Ritalin and Adderall last few months? Well, someone at the NY Times figured out little Johnnie's hyper-active meds were being shipped overseas to fill scrips for the military. GI Joe needs its "GO" pills if they want to fight the evil doers. (Gnostic Media, Disinfo)

BP Oil Spill: It's been two years since BP's Deepwater Horizon disaster which destroyed the Gulf of Mexico. Here's a good retrospective... 2 Years After the BP Oil Spill, Is the Gulf Ecosystem Collapsing? By the way... what's the deal with all of that mutated sea life with eyeless shrimp? Yes, shrimps without eyes. So what happens if humans eat the eyeless shrimp? Are our eyes gonna fall out too? I don't think BP cares about you or the shrimp. Here's more information about the Gulf seafood deformities. (Washington's Blog, Truth Behind the Scenes, Luis Manuel)

"Where's my friggin' eyes?"

Spread these links by any means necessary. Best of luck surviving the week. And if you order shrimp this week, make sure you specify, you'd like shrimps with eyes.

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