Monday, March 5, 2012

Red Pill: Snooki Pregnant, Andrew Breitbart Conspiracy Theories, 5 Stages of Economic Collapse, and Asteroids to Hit Earth in 2013 and 2040

It's Monday Morning. Time to wake up and snort the coffee, America! You've been asleep at the wheel for too long and if you don't start paying attention, then you're doomed. Here's your weekly dose of the Monday Morning Red Pill. Reality is just a few clicks away...
Education: Only the uber-wealthy can afford to send their kids to elitist private schools, so the only alternative to prison-like public education is to home school your kids if you don't want bad things to happen to them like forced inoculations without your approval or consent. Here's 11 reasons to get your kids out of government schools. (End of the American Dream)

Assassinations: Anyone else think there's something rotten in Denmark regarding the unexpected death of journalist Andrew Breitbart? Within hours of his untimely death, the intertubes blew up with various conspiracy theories with most of them pointing fingers at El Presdiente... Did The Obama Crime Machine Kill Breitbart? (YouTube, Luis Manuel)

Financial Collapse: We've been on a path toward financial Armageddon ever since the Banksters got bailed out in 2008. There's nothing that can stop the inevitable destruction of the U.S Dollar as it's about to get flushed down the proverbial drain. Here's a sobering read: Five stages of economic collapse. (New America Now)

Gene Pool: This must be one of the signs of the apocalypse, right? According to the MSM, the orange-skin-colored, poofy-haired star of The Jersey Shore has a bun in the oven. Yes... stop the presses because Snooki is pregnant. Expect the overall gene pool of the American populace to sink even lower after Jersey Shore sheeple decide to breed in an attempt to follow Snooki's path from drunken Guidette to full-fledged motherhood. (HuffPo)

Censorship: Whatever happened to "government for the people"? These days, the government is going out of their way to stomp out the opposition in every nook and cranny possible. Check out this agitating post: Government Power Being Used to Stifle Dissent; Not to Keep Us Safe (Washington's Blog)

Banksters: The most recent interview with author Michael Lewis features a snarky comment about the rise of the Banksters: "How did you not notice 24-year-olds were being paid $2 million a year who clearly didn’t know anything?" (Zero Hedge)

Big Brother: It's just a matter of time before multiple government agencies monitor your every move through microchips embedded underneath your skin. This sounds like something from a paranoid-themed plot from a Philip K. Dick dystopian short story, but it's the stone cold truth.... the FDA approved a computer chip for humans. (Luis Manuel)

Asteroids: Mark your calendars... there's a 625-1 chance that an asteroid crashes into Earth on February 5, 2040 according to the latest NASA report. You have 28 years to prepare for an extinction level event similar to the one that wiped out the dinosaurs. But if you want an immediate doomsday fix, then you can always freak out about the asteroid that might hit us in February 2013. (Daily Mail, Truth Behind the Scenes)
Best of luck surviving the week.

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  1. Personal note - the Breitbart one is definitely not a conspiracy. Several of us knew him. He had heart problems and got hit by a massive heart attack, which isn't weird in that age group with that health history.

    Very scary for those of us in the same age group and stressing out. In other words, lots of us overweight between 35-45 probably need to do a little better.

    Going back into lurker mode - and welcome back from a long break.