Monday, January 30, 2012

Red Pill: Police Patrolling Schools, ACTA, Twitter Blocking Tweets, Deadly Cell Phones, and Sunken UFOs

It's Monday morning. Time to wake up, America!! Here's your weekly dose of the Red Pill...
Police State: If you thought hall monitors sucked, just wait until you see cops roaming freely inside schools. Yes, the police are patrolling hallways of schools in Texas. (The Guardian)

Nuclear Meltdown: Remember that Fukushima incident last March? Well it seems that the Japanese officials colluded with other governments around the world to mislead the public about unsafe levels of radiation at Fukushima. (George Washington's Blog)

Snubbing Obama: Obama got snubbed by a hockey player! Tim Thomas declined an invite to the White House because he felt the government was out of control. Good to see a celebrity finally take a stand. Wonder how long it takes before he gets hauled off under the NDAA?(Vigilant Citizen)

Social Media Censorship: Twitter can now block tweets in specific countries. Twitter bucked under pressure. (IT World)

Internet Censorship: The EU passed ACTA, which is like SOPA on steroids. How bad is ACTA? It's the corporate usurpation of the internet. (Activist Post)

Dead Fish: More mass killings. This time, it's a beach with scores of dead whales washing ashore in New Zealand. (Luis Manuel)

Surviving the Apocalypse: So you want to get out of dodge before the shit hits the fan... but where should you go? What country should you re-locate? Our pal Ferfal gives us a few pointers in Relocating: Where to go? (Surviving Argentina)

Cell Phone Conspiracy: Here's your monthly blurb about how cell phones are deadly and cause health problems to users. (Activist Post)

UFOs: Did marine biologists stumble upon sunken underwater UFOs in the Baltic Sea? (Truth Behind the Scenes)
Best of luck surviving the week!

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