Monday, January 31, 2011

Fox News Does Not Know Where Egypt Is...

They mark Iraq as Egypt.

Monday Morning Red Pill: Bank Closings, NFLX, No Mas Puppets, Re-Monetization of Silver, and the New Global Elite

The Monday Morning Red Pill as promised...
Here's a couple of graphs about FDIC Bank Closings. So far this year? 11...and counting. (The Big Picture)

NFLX - The Widowmaker is an astute breakdown of Netflix by KD. Oh, and go read his Vegas trip reports while you are there. (Kid Dynamite's Blog)

US politicians get PhD in the bleeding obvious is an amazing piece written by business writer Peter Briks, as he accurately describes an Englishman's take on the American's leaders. (Peter Birks)

Then American Junta (politicians in cahoots with big business and Wall Street) should be worried as many of their puppet-backed regimes are falling in Africa and the Middle East. (George Washington's Blog)

The Rise of the New Global Elite paints the new rich as plutocrats unwilling to throw their home country's a bone. (The Atlantic)

The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise: A Practical Guide to the Re-Monetization of Silver is a must read for commodities junkies and those of you are are getting on the silver bandwagon. (Jesse's Café Américain)

Thanks to TM for this link about Trust In Government? Poll Finds Nearly 80% Of Americans Don't. (HuffPo)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egypt Update: No More Al Jazeera, False Flags, Children's Logic,Safe Mummies, and American Weapons

Here's Egypt related bits...

Compelling photo gallery of the last four days in Egypt. (A.J.)

Egypt Gives Al Jazeera the Boot. Mubarak shut down Al Jazeera's Cairo bureau after their network's licences were cancelled by the information minister. (A.J.)

By the way, how is Obama keeping tabs on the Egyptian crisis? That's right, he's watching Al Jazeera. (Business Insider)

As Egyptian Anger Swells, Will America (And Its Regional Interests) Be Targeted Next? Protesters are not happy with America's involvement with keeping Mubarak in power all these years. They are particularly pissed that Mubarak's police thugs are attacking protesters using American-made weaponry. (Zero Hedge)

The youth have spoken. 8-year old girl tells Mubarak the straight dope. (Mashable)

Running the "false flag" play in Egypt? Is the Egyptian Government Using Agents Provocateur to Justify a Crack Down On the Protesters? (George Washington Blog)

Families of wealthy businessmen flee the country. You know when the elite are packing up house and removing cash/gold, then you're regime's days are numbered. (Forbes)

Looters attempted to sack the Egyptian museums. Apparently, most of the treasures are safe. (Bloomberg)

And here's a video of museum looting...

Yellowstone Park's Ground Rising; Will She Blow?

If you don't know, Yellowstone Park houses one of the largest super-volcanoes in the world. According to National Geographic, the ground at Yellowstone recently swelled almost a foot!

It's been widely speculated that Yellowstone Park's volcano could erupt someday with devastating catastrophic effects.

Even the folks in the motion picture industry recognized Yellowstone's potential danger and used the park as part of an integral storyline in the disaster-apocalyptic flick 2012 starring John Cusack and Woody Harrelson.

Here's how Hollywood depicted a volcanic explosion at Yellowstone...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Joke Is On You - Bank Bail Outs Explained

The Bears are back and they are explaining exactly what happened in the Bank Bailouts. As they perfectly explain, "The joke is on you."

H/T to Zero Hedge.

Max Keiser: Bono's Money Stealing Inspiration

Max Kesier slamming Bono and it's not for U2's lat two horrible albums. "Bono is a schmuck...he's a schmuck. And the Edge, too!"

Friday, January 28, 2011

Tear Gas... Made in the USA

My dear friend Amy tweet'd about an article with the comment: "Who said the US lost its manufacturing edge?"

Egyptian Police Using U.S.-Made Tear Gas Against Demonstrators is a story making the rounds. Yes, thankfully not everything is made in China. The USA actually exports iPods, iPads, and now... tear gas canisters.

Seems that the Egyptian riot police uses a stock pile of tear gas that is MADE in the US of A. How about that? Today's crowd control is brought to you by Pepper Spray R Us.

The Guide to Protecting the North African Revolutions

Interesting piece post on the Daily Kos... Guide to Protecting the North African Revolutions. It's sort of like an Anarchist's cookbook in blog form, but their overall message is peaceful protesting...
The caps were their emphasis, not ours.

Egypt on Fire Update: Friday's Protests, Riots and Revolution

For up-to-the-minute coverage, you can live stream Al Jazeera's English feed here.

While most of the America slept, our hapless media barely mentioned the riots in Egypt. Don't forget, Oprah has a secret half-sister, American Idol was on last night, and Charlie Sheen finally got released from the hospital after a coke-blown orgy with two hookers that got way out of control.

The situation in Egypt looked grim. The U.S. politicians were evasive with questions about their biggest alley in the Middle East, Egyptian President Mubarak, who has been in power for three decades. Democracy Is Calling in Egypt -- Can Obama Hear It? is an excellent read about how President Obama is essentially ignoring the cries for democratic reform in key Arab countries.

Depending on who you talk to the words "despot" and "tyrant" and "dictator" get uttered in the same breath as Mubarak. Once the frustrated citizens in Egypt noticed what their brothers and sisters had accomplished in Tunisia after ousting their corrupt government leaders, they took to the streets in mass protest to stand up to Mubarak.

On the eve of scheduled demonstrations for Friday, the government cracked down on the flow of information. They pulled the plug on social network sites like Twitter and Facebook, and later killed the internet completely. Egypt was officially off the grid (aside from their Stock Exchange and governmental access). They also blocked SMS access (including BlackBerry's version of text messaging among it's network). At that point, it was difficult to find out exactly what was going on but protest leaders resorted to word-of-mouth and land-line telephones. Luckily, a few information leaks sprung through the massive fire wall that the Egyptian government set up.

Hey, if you've been in power for thirty years and on the verge of getting strung up in the streets by angry citizens, wouldn't you do everything possible to have a full-blown media blackout as your thugs in the police force crack down on protesters using force and any other means necessary? In short, if Egyptian cops were going to shoot protesters, the government didn't want that televised. One video caused major ripples on Thursday, which showed a young protester shot and killed by a police sniper. The government doesn't want more videos like that popping up on YouTube.

I followed hash tags on Twitter (#Egypt and #Jan25) for any information late last night. Through thousands of tweets, I was able to piece together the plan of action as dawn rose in Egypt. All of the protests were set for after the noon prayers. A special tactical guide was passed around to the protesters showing how they can protect themselves against the police. The Atlantic translated some of that pamphlet.

On the other side, the stories and rumors swirled that the government were going to shut off all power and water. What the police and security forces were doing sounded troubling -- dousing cars with gasoline and spraying city squares with petrol in advance of any protesters. Some suggested that the cops would light the cars on fire and blame the protesters, meanwhile they'd ignite the gas-soaked squares to stop the gatherings.

When I woke up, I immediately checked Twitter. The best coverage about the Egyptian protests and riots that I could find appeared a live blog on Al Jazeera's English site.

Sounds like riot police have been shooting rubber bullets, tear gas, stun grenades, and using water cannons to disperse protesters. There's supposed to be a curfew, but I doubt that many people are going to adhere to those wishes.

Here's a map of conflict areas.

Here's a couple of video updates...

Photo courtesy of: Financial Times

Internet & SMS Shut Down in Egypt; Massive Protests Planned for Friday

How does the power elite handle mass protests? First, they shut down Facebook and Twitter. Then they shutdown the internet entirely and blocked any SMS messaging. Yes, seriously, Egypt is no longer hooked into the grid. They have left the internet.

This blatant blockage of the information grid from the Egyptian government comes on the cusp of massive protests that have been planned for Friday. The Ministry of Interior gave a stern warning to any dissidents that the government's police forces will take "decisive measures" on Friday.

On Thursday, a video of a protester being shot by the police made the rounds.

Will Friday be Egypt's Day of Reckoning?

Here's a video I came across documenting the events of Jan 25th...

Here's a translation of the protesters' game plan for Friday's revolution.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Riots Break Out in Yemen

It started with Tunisia when corrupt President Ben Ali got the boot and his family fled the country with as much gold and cash as they could carry. Since that watershed moment, mass protests have spread like wild fire to Egypt and Algeria. Here's some stunning photos of the Egyptian riots.

You can now add Yemen to the list of countries on the verge of a revolution after their citizens finally got tired of the government's shenanigans.

The recent fervor in Yemen is fueled by a movement to oust President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

POMO Explained

It's a little sad that we need Xtranormal cartoons to explain concepts like Permanent Open Market Operations (POMO) to the sheeple, but at least they are getting the word out about the Fed's latest scam or a pyramid scheme (what the gang at Zero Hedge like to call it).

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bear Stearns' Emails Confirm Sale of Sack of Shit Loans

Thanks to Otis and Amy for pointing out this Atlantic article: E-mails Suggest Bear Stearns Cheated Clients Out of Billions. Here's a bit...
Former Bear Stearns mortgage executives who now run mortgage divisions of Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and Ally Financial have been accused of cheating and defrauding investors through the mortgage securities they created and sold while at Bear. According to e-mails and internal audits, JPMorgan had known about this fraud since the spring of 2008, but hid it from the public eye through legal maneuvering. Last week a lawsuit filed in 2008 by mortgage insurer Ambac Assurance Corp against Bear Stearns and JPMorgan was unsealed. The lawsuit's supporting e-mails, going back as far as 2005, highlight Bear traders telling their superiors they were selling investors like Ambac a "sack of shit." ...more
Teri Buhl wrote the article and went into a little more detail on her personal blog "Wall Street Unplugged" with Bear Stearns Nierenberg Doesn’t Think Cheating Emails are a Big Deal. Here's a bit from Teri's blog...
I’m not sure how JP Morgan will let this case go to trial and not sign a big fat check over to the institutional investors who’ve been suing them for years. According to the unsealed lawsuit one of the Bear traders said in his deposition this summer that ‘shit breather’ was really a ‘term of endearment’ when referring to the toxic bonds. If that’s true then what did they call the financial products they actually liked? ... More
For more information on the Ambac lawsuit, the gang at Zero Hedge posted a thorough overview: JP Morgan Sold Investors MBS Covered By "SACK OF SHIT" Loans... Then Shorted All Those With Exposure: A Goldman-AIG Redux. Here's a whiff of said sack of shit...
JP Morgan, which has so far been able to escape largely unscathed from the fraudclosure scandal, is about to take front and center. The reason: the very first line of the just released Exhibit 1 to the Ambac lawsuit: "In mid-2006, Bear Stearns induced investors to purchase, and Ambac as a financial guarantor to insure, securities that were backed by a pool of mortgage loans that - in the words of the Bear Stearns deal manager - was a "SACK OF SHIT." But the stunner, and nothing short of a full-blown scandal if proven true, is that Bear Stearns (aka JPM) after funneling misrepresented loans with Ambac's insurance, "implemented a trading strategy to profit from Ambac’s potential demise by “shorting” banks with large exposure to Ambac-insured securities." This needs its own congressional hearing right now, followed by a few wristslaps. After all such wholesale fraud can never possibly be prosecuted in the world's most advanced country... More
Last November, Teri Buhl was interviewed by Max Keiser when she was his guest on The Keiser Report. Her segment starts at the 12:40 mark...

Egyptian Riots and the Fail Whale Pyramid; Twitter Now Blocked in Egypt

What happens when a regime is about to be overthrown by a revolution? You shut down social media outlets like Twitter. Egypt has currently blocked the Twitter-verse from adding more fuel to the current uprising, which is now in its third day of full-blown riots. If you're a Twitter Geek in Egypt, then all you get is one fat Fail Whale. So much for social media help incite a revolution.

Here's a video of protesters chasing riot police. You know who's really in control when an angry mob secures the upper hand when the police are the ones dispersing and scattering like cockroaches.

And here's another riot video...

Magnetic Reversal?

Thanks to Sparky for the heads up on this article from the British Geographical Survey: Magnetic reversal may now be in progress. It's affecting the South Atlantic Anomaly, which according to the article, the radiation in that area is a "known hazard to satellites, spacecraft and high-altitude aircraft."

Been hearing a lot of chatter about the mass bird deaths were somehow related to the shift in the magnetic poles. The article suggests that is what caused massive leaps in
evolution over millions of years.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Waffles Report: Researching - Nothing Works Anymore

I realized there is a plot afoot that is kind of hiding in the background. I am not sure who is responsible for it yet. I saw this subtle erosion of our society while talking to a friend this morning. We were griping about how our trains were broken down. At first I assumed it was because the trains were old and out of date. I then realized that it is a NEW train that broke down. It got my thought process working through the crust that has grown on it from American Idol hypnotic suggestions and I realized NOTHING works anymore.

I mean do you realize how bad it is getting. It used to be that everything was high-quality and made to last forever. I have a TV from 1978 that I am still using, however, the one I bought in 2009 is already in the trash. The people I hire to "fix" things on my house just can never do it right. Even in my field, I see this all the time. It used to be that engineers were damn good. They could send a spaceship to fucking Pluto, have it kiss it's ass, and send pictures back before it left the galaxy all without the benefit of reprogramming it's course. Now a days you have satellites slamming into MARS because some fucktard used inches instead of Eurofuck centimeters.

Is it just that we have become so lazy and stupid that we can not do anything right? Is there a plot that began years ago to destroy the ability of our society to function? Is it an offshoot of the removal of disciplines like wearing suits to work or is it some more insidious plot by our Chinese overlords to weaken our infrastructure and give them more orders for cheap electronics so they can further grow the red menace?

I am not sure yet but keep your eyes open. I will continue to investigate this disturbing trend.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Morning Red Pill: Moscow Airport Bombing, Gold Fleeing Egypt, Financial Fraud Cover-Up, Rahm Emanuel Booted, Dead Hookers on L.I. Beaches

It's been a depressing Monday so far...

Bomb in Moscow's biggest airport kills 30, injuries hundreds in terror attack. (The Guardian)

QE2 is causing food prices to sky rocket
. (George Washington's Blog)

After seeing the Tunisian elite pilfer the treasury and flee the country with their gold, Egypt is cracking down on gold shipments leaving the country. Authorities already intercepted 59 shipments, mostly heading to the Netherlands. (Zero Hedge)

V. (Max Kesier)

Another stunning read: America Appears To Be Trapped in a Massive Coverup of Control Fraud and Corruption. What else can I say about this other than read this post and check out the links. (Jesse's Café Américain)

Chicago politics is rough. Been so for centuries. Latest political nightmare from the Windy City? Rahm Emanuel got booted from the mayoral ballot. (Salon)

The Craiglist serial killer strikes again. Bodies of four prostitutes were found on Giglo Beach in Long Island, NY. Yep, our beaches are not just havens for medical waste to washing up on, but the shores are perfect places to find washed up bodies of strangled Craigslist hookers. (NY Daily News)

Higher Chocolate Prices in the Near Future After Ivory Coast Instability?

If you're a chocolate addict then listen up because you might be paying higher prices for your favorite goodies. The price of Cocoa jumped after the Ivory Coast, the largest producer of cocoa in the world, banned exports for one month. Newly installed puppet leader, Alassane Ouattara, announced that they were banning cocoa shipments as a political move in what the Wall Street Journal described as a "bid to squeeze the funding of rival Laurent Gbagbo."

I hope you betting on the right side of this fix.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mr. Hu Jintao Goes to Washington

Hilarious and ominious cartoon describing Chinese President visiting Washington, DC. Yes, it;s true. Jinta is our real leader because he owns all of our asses. Obama is nothing more than a regional manager, like Michael Scott at Dunder Mifflin.

H/T to Zero Hedge for the video.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Max Keiser: Corrupt Kleptocracy

Here's the latest installment of the Max Keiser Report where he riffs on corrupt politicians and how the American people lost the war of kleptocratic banks.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jonas and Benjo Links: Pole Shifts, Poisonous Clouds, and George Lucas 2012 Theory

My buddies Jonas and Benjo submitted links to me this past week. Here's what they wanted me to share with you...
George Lucas' Theory on 2012 freaked the shit out of actor Seth Rogen. On one hand, Steven Speilberg was also in the pitch meeting and he was rolling his eyes when Lucas prattled on about his theory that the world will end in 2012 because of plate tectonics. Who knows what will happen in 2012, but one thing is for certain -- George Lucas thinks that the world is going to end. But does he really have a spaceship? (Toronto Sun)

So what is the cause of all of those dead birds that fell out of the skies at the start of the year? This article suggest poisonous space clouds, known as Noctilucent clouds, cause a shift in the Earth's magnetic pole. (Natural News)

Many fingers are pointing toward a magnetic shift as a culprit behind the mass death of birds and other disruptions. In this instance, the magnetic shift caused Tampa's airport to shut down. (The European Union Times)
Dead birds and 2012... maybe Lucas knows a lot more than he's letting on? Or maybe he's just a crackpot infatuated with Jar Jar Binks?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The American Dream (Film)

Thanks to David R. for reminding me about this amazing film titled The American Dream. This subversive film uses animation to cushion the heaviness of the subject matter -- debt and money creation. This film aptly explains what's really going on with the banking junta running the Federal Reserve Bank, the housing bubble, fractional reserve lending, and the annihilation dog of the so-called American Dream.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Silver Bears: Talk More Silver Manipulation - Part 3

The bears are back with a third installment of their Silver manipulation series...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Morning Red Pill: So, that just happened...

These'll keep you occupied for a bit.....

US Embassy Turned a Blind Eye as Suspected CIA Banker Allen Stanford bilked Investors, Secret Cables Reveal (Antifascist Calling)

Allen Stanford's Trial Indefinitely Delayed. Suspected CIA Banker Became "Drug Dependent"--in Federal Custody. (Antifascist Calling)

Mitre/JASONs advise Pentagon to Collect DNA and Complete Human Genome Sequences for All Military Personnel (Cryptogon)

Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science (The Atlantic)

Glenn Greenwald - The Reflexive Call for Fewer Liberties (Salon)

"The Fed no longer even denies that the purpose of its latest blast of bond to drive up Wall Street." - (Washington's Blog)

Monday Morning Blue Bill: 72 degrees in your head...all the time.

It was the flu, people. The media is jealous cuz they're ugly. (Yahoo)

Hungry Extremists. Scary. (LA Times)

Man, I'd hate to be the guy that has to keep track of all these. (Raw Story)

He is SO totally great. (USA Today)

He ain't hanlin' his biness like no real man? Now I don't believe in anything! (Yahoo)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nick Cage Losing His Shit

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Thanks to Floaming Homer for the video.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Waffles Report: The Cloud - What Is It?

Being a technology freak I have access to extreme amounts of knowledge gained over millions of hours spent jerking off in front of the computer screen. I have been thinking a lot about the new technology: The Cloud.

In essence this is a huge centralized computer system used to give access to many different processes across a wide area. It provides centralized storage for users. It sort of sounds like mainframes of the 1960's. Does this sound like modern computing? Is the mainframe really the best we can do today? The answer is a resounding NO. Why then have our brilliant innovations brought us back to a centralized point of failure again. Obviously there can only be one conclusion: CIA involvement.

Think about how things work today. The CIA wants to get someone like WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. It has to go through all these private systems and has no way to collect information or stop his meddling practices. If they try then a dozen other systems pop up and replicate the data. It becomes impossible to stop. Imagine now a world where everything is in this centralized cloud. It becomes trivial for there to be an accident and wipe out Julian's cloud. No replication. Central area to disrupt. Once you have eliminated the annoyance you can let people continue on.

It also does away with pesky things like search orders. Instead of going to a judge and trying to get permission to go into a dozen private servers you can just sneak onto the cloud and get whatever you want. The corporate shills that run these places would sell their left testicle to the government if they asked. Do not believe me? Read up on Obama getting access to WikiLeaks conspirators' Twitter accounts. People who are not guilty of any crimes and have not be tried, convicted or even accused legally and yet you can read whatever they may have tweeted. Makes you think.

Be careful of all such "group" systems like Facebook, The Cloud, and Twitter. Besides mind control systems like Farmville, anything you say, write, joke about, or post is available to the government and will be used against you.

This has been a public service messages from Waffles.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Morning Red Pill: Brave New Dystopia, Silver Run, FaceGoldmanSachsBook, Investor Riots, US of Wussies?

It's Monday. Have you gotten your morning does of fear mongering?
2011: A Brave New Dystopia is written by Chris Hedges, who shares how the ominous society-destroying visions of both George Orwell and Auldous Huxley are taking form. (Truth Dig)

The Sack has taken a sudden interest in Facebook and helped raise $500 million in capital. Goldman Sachs is offering up a special deal for a portion of their uber-wealthy client base -- get a piece of Facebook now. Looks like Zuckerberg wants to cash out and get the hell out of dodge. One particularly filthy rich Russian has gobbled up the hook because he thinks that Facebook is valued at $50 Billion. (DealB%k)

I've written a lot about the pussification of America. One scribe wonders about the high wuss factor plaguing our country. (Wall Street Journal)

More investor riots in Bangladesh. For a second time in the last month, the market has crapped out and pissed off/broke-dick investors have hit the streets en masse to voice their opinion on the state of misery. (International Business Times)

Here comes the run on silver! Massive Withdrawals on COMEX Silver is a bit frightening because I learned that four investors removed over 1 million ounces from the COMEX vault. (Jesse's Cafe Americain)

Luckily, we have Kid Dynamite as the voice of reason. He recently posted a thorough explanation of the key differences between PSLV and SLV. (Kid Dynamite's World)
That's if for now. Enjoy the rest of your Monday! I hope you swallowed the right pill today.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bizarre Death and Castration at Posh NYC Hotel

A well-known TV star, journalist, and gay rights activist from Portugal was found dead in a New York City hotel room. Carlos Castro's bludgeoned body was found at the InterContinental New York in Times Square. His boyfriend, Renato Seabra, is currently being held as a suspect. Sebra, a male model and reality TV star in Portugal, supposedly went through the arduous process of castrating Castro with a broken wine glass before he fled the scene.

Castro's last night in NYC included tickets with Seabra to the controversial Spider Man Broadway show, before the two caught Natalie Portman's ballerina flick Black Swan. That's when authorities say things took a turn. A jealous lover's quarrel spiraled into murder. Where the jealousy and age themes, so prevalent in the film, help set Seabra off?

This is not the first time a posh NYC hotel has been the location of a grizzly murder. In early December, designer Sylvie Cachay, was strangled to death in her SoHo hotel room by the son of Joseph Brooks, the author of the hit song "You Light Up My Life."

Loughner Obsessed with Mind Control?

Was Jared Laoughner obsessed with mind control? According to his incoherent YouTube videos, apparently he was.

Parts of the intertubes are flaring up with scenarios that Loughner did not exactly act alone, and that he was a Manchurian candidate, similar to Sirhan Sirhan.

At the present moment, local law enforcement officials are sticking with a lone nut theory.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jared Lee Loughner's Eerie YouTube Videos

It only had less than 300 hits when a friend from DC suggested to check it out. Jared Loughner was apprehended as the Gabrielle Giffords shooter. As with most assassins in America, he'll forever be know by three names... Jared Lee Loughner.

Here are two spooky videos that were uploaded in mid-December. According to the second video, it states that he was an Army recruit who was given a bible. It ends with a eerie statement... "What's government if words have no meaning?"

Watch it now before the YouTube moral police take it down...

Politician Shot in Public: Congresswoman Giffords Currently in Surgery

First birds start falling out of the sky. Then fish wash up onshore. Now politicians are being shot. Welcome to the Tao of Fear.

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, astronaut and Desert Storm vet Mark Kelly

As most of you already know, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) was shot this morning at point-blank range during an event outside a Safeway supermarket in Tucson. At least a dozen others were injured. One of her aides was also killed in the shooting, as well as a nine-year old girl.

Among many others, Roger Ebert (@ebertchicago) offered a slew of insightful messages on his Twitter account this morning regarding the shooting and its potential political motivations. Here is a sampling, along with their accompanying links:
RT @tinadupuy SarahPAC is down and where the a gun scope was on Gifford's district has been scrubbed.

This ad was run by Giffords' rightist opponent.

How long will Palin leave
these comments on her facebook
This is not Giffords' first brush with violence. Only a few hours after she voted for the health care bill, her district office was vandalized and the front door smashed. Here's an interview she gave on MSNBC in the aftermath:

Another interesting fact? Giffords' husband of four years, Mark Kelly, is an astronaut. So is her brother-in-law Scott Kelly, Mark's twin, who is currently the commander of the International Space Station.

We're closely watching this story, so stay tuned for more information and follow us on Twitter at @TaoFear.

**UPDATE: 2:57pm PST**

It has been confirmed that one of the six people killed in the shooting was the Hon. John M. Roll, a Federal District Court judge. Like Gibbons, Roll had also dealt with his share of death threats. In 2009, he allowed a $32 million civil rights lawsuit filed by illegal immigrants against a rancher to proceed. Following more than 200 threatening phone calls, Judge Roll was given protection from the U.S. Marshals for a period of one month.

A bit more on Judge Roll from
News item on his death from HuffPost.

Friday, January 7, 2011

German Government Admits Chemtrail Ops

Chemtrails. Look up in the sky on a random day and you'll see them. But what the hell are they? The German government recently admitted that they have been conducting chemtrail ops in order to manipulate the weather.

The skies above LA were covered with chemtrails in the week leading up to the massive storm that hit SoCal at the end of December. Coincidence.

Check out this video...

Here's a spooky and haunting time lapse video of Chemtrails...

Thanks to Timtern for tipping us off to the German video.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

HAARP the Cause of Dead Animals Worldwide?

Beware of disinformation. You really don't believe that fireworks killed all those blackbirds in Arkansas, do you?

According to this video, the HAARP project is manipulating the Earth's magnetic field, which birds and fish use as sort of a GPS system. The recent disruption in the field might be behind all of the unexplained deaths of fish and birds that happened in the last week or so all over the world.

This Week in Dead Animals

Thanks to Jonas for pointing out This Week in Dead Animals. It seems that Arkansas and Louisiana are not the only scenes of dead animals. Scores of deceased birds and fish have been found in Canada, Sweden, Brazil, the UK, and New Zealand...and all of this in the last week.

Click here to see a map of dead animals.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Max Keiser Hates Monsanto's Seeds of Evil

Here's Max Keiser with a Keiser-esque rant on Monsanto. The food-giant, according to a WikiLeaks cable, threatened to seek revenge on France for rejecting GMO (genetically modified organisms). Meanwhile, Monsanto is also pushing off "crack" seeds onto India, which sent Keiser into a tizzy.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Morning Red Pill: Dead Blackbirds Falling from Sky, Ashton Kutcher Armageddon Freak, War/Inflation, and American Anti-Education

Happy new year! While you were shaking off your hangovers and busy making fruitless resolutions, the world around us continued to get weirder. Here's proof...
Thanks to Otis for pointing out the bizarre scene in Arkansas where thousands of blackbirds mysteriously fell out of the sky. The dead carcasses were removed all over Bebee, Arkansas. (New Yorker)

Maybe he's not as dumb as he looks? Or maybe, the fear movement just found themselves a new poster boy? Ashton Kutcher, the genius behind Punk'd and air-headesdress for prepping for the coming Armageddon. (Huffington)

Come on, you actually thought Americans actually learned stuff at college that didn't involve one-night stands and learning how to make a bong out of anything? Our Institutions of Education are Anti-Education is a chilling slant on the failure of our educational system. (Bubblegum Generation)

It's hard not to ask more questions and want to start a lynch mob after reading (and wandering through a heavy series of backlinks) GW's latest rant... War Always Causes Inflation. (George Washington's Blog)

This week's lesson learned from the collapse of Argentina is Situational Awareness. The information might save your life someday. (Ferfal)
Photo by Warren Watkins - AP

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