Saturday, December 31, 2011

Two-Headed Blind Monster

I'm not a Republican. I'm not a Democrat. I'm an American. But not just any American, an American who believes the current two-party system is a joke. Not just any joke, but a broken joke. Both parties have been hijacked by corporate interests and manipulated by wealthy individuals/families.

The political system is broken. The more the sheeple support both sides, the longer it'll take to fix it all. By engaging in red state/blue state or right/left politics, all anyone is doing is drawing a line down the middle of the room. Folks pick a side of the room then hurl insults at the others on the opposite side. That's all I've ever seen because you never get an actual debate on real issues. Instead, you have politicians touting trumped-up hot button issues that have zero relevance other than it'll keep both sides distracted arguing with one another, than paying attention to what really goes on in Washington. Classic divide and conquer strategy. As long as we hate our fellow Americans, we won't hate the oligarchs who actually control the country, dictate foreign policy, and manipulate lawmaking in America.

I didn't vote for McCain. I didn't vote for Obama. Both were ESTABLISHMENT candidates. I felt bad for friends who were duped by Obama's slick campaign about hope and change. At this point, all of them are hopeless because nothing changed. The majority of folks you see across the country joining Occupy Wall Street movements? They thought the political process would create change, when in fact, not only did things not change -- it grew worse.

Sadly, Obama's rhetoric mesmerized beleaguered Americans thirsty for a political metamorphosis, but in reality, he wasn't going to be the candidate for neither hope, nor change. Instead, he dangled the promise of a new America above everyone's heads like a carrot on a stick. And like the hungry donkey, Americans carried a heavy load on our backs expecting to eventually get a bite out of the carrot. Obama and the Establishment told you want you wanted to hear... and you fell for it.

A vote for either McCain or Obama was a vote of confidence in the corrupt American political system. A vote for neither was a vote for non-confidence... a vote for real change.

For a brief moment, the Tea Party could have been something -- but the Libertarian movement was soon gobbled up by GOP henchmen and co-opted by the FOX News network. Some days you got the feeling that arrogant FOX News anchors actually thought they created the movement. Over the last two years, wealthy conservative businessmen like the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch poured millions into midterm 2010 elections supporting Tea Party candidates. Alas, politicians were not genuine third-party candidates because the Tea Party was hijacked by the GOP and had cleverly re-branded the non-Jesus Freaks side of the Republican party.

I'm praying that the Occupy Wall Street refuses to allow the Democrats to hijack their movement. It's already happening in different facets, and must stop immediately.

The conundrum that America faces is this -- although the people have the numbers, they lack the financial backing to truly influence politicians. That's why the 1% own the 99% because they control the politicians, the media, the military, the courts, and law enforcement. Until we have a core group of independently wealthy businessmen who want to fund a political revolution and shake up the two-party system, we'll continue to live in a country of divisive politics, with citizens pointing and jeering at one another, while corporations strip our country of its resources, capital, and freedoms. Otherwise, the people will eventually rise up and overthrow the Establishment in a bloody civil war.

As is, corporations own the politicians in Washington and pull the strings on their puppets. The poli-puppets are fat with bribes and kick backs, meanwhile their constituents and hard-working citizens of the United States are forced to pay a higher tax rate than corporations. For example, GE paid zero taxes last year after raking in $18 billion in profits. That's right. Zero. And it's not like these mega-corporations create jobs for Americans. Most of them export jobs overseas so they can pay their workers pennies on the dollar.

Big business is anti-socialism, yet the minute they go busto by making terrible wagers during the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007-08, they seek out governmental assistance in the form of bailouts. When companies that are "too big to fail" screw the pooch financially, it's the citizens whom cover the tab.

Most of the 1% are vehemently against government handouts to poor people, but when Wall Street banks and insurance companies fail, they are at the front of the line seeking a bailout from Uncle Sam (at the tax payers' expense). I call that absurd irony and puke-inducing hypocrisy.

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