Saturday, December 10, 2011

Red Pill: Prepping for WW3, Occupy Movement Labeled Terrorist Group, and Population Reduction Via Economic Collapse

It's Saturday morning and time for a dose of the Red Pill. Drink up!
WWIII: The war drums are beating. China's President Hu warned his Navy to speed up its development to make preparations for war. And in Iran, the Revolutionary Guards are also preparing for war. (BBC, Telegraph)

Counter-Revolution: You saw this coming... Occupy Wall Street is labeled a terrorist group along with Al-qaeda. (Alexander Higgins)

Big Brother: Thanks to Mattazuma for tipping me off to a company called Palantir. Here's a must-read article... Palantir and the War on Terror's Secret Weapon (Business Week)

Welfare State: The state keeps expanding and ballooning and sucking up more and more money. Here's 20 Signs That The Culture Of Government Dependence Has Gotten Completely And Totally Out Of Control. (Blacklisted News)

Mega-Storms: Do Big Hurricanes Beget Big Earthquakes? An interesting take on mega-disasters. (Mother Jones)

Population Control: Are TPTB Population Reduction Through Designed Economic Collapse? (New America Now)

Global Meltdown: While, we're on the topic of the TPTB... are they just following the steps towards a Planned Depression? (The Daily Bell)

Dystopia: I love a good piece of dystopian fiction. Check out The Detainee: A Tale of Collapse. (Zero Hedge)
That's it for now. Try to enjoy the weekend!

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