Thursday, December 8, 2011

Red Pill: Newly Created Super Flu Virus, Americans Fleeing America, North Dakota Revolution, Deadly Northern Lights, and Ron Paul's Gold Standard

I'm back from a short holiday in Sin City, so it's time for a new edition of the Red Pill. Please sit back, wash down a dose of reality, but keep all arms and limbs inside the ride at all times!
Bio-Terror: We're all one little bug away from wiping out a huge chunk of our population. A Dutch researcher created a Super Flu virus that could kill of millions. (Doctor Tipster)

Revolution: Did you know about the secret revolution going on right now in North Dakota? The state is ready to abolish property taxes. Would love to see if they try to secede in the near future. (Activist Post)

Man vs. Nature: The science geeks over at the BBC ponder... Could our planet be under attack from the unearthly forces that cast a mysterious glow across the poles, disrupting life as we know it? (BBC)

Paranormal: This is a case for Agent Mulder and the X-Files... Mystery after man 'bursts into flames' outside Swedish station (Herald Sun)

Occupy: Occupy paranoia for the Extreme Right? Why does Fox News get extra special protection from the NYPD? (The Daily Beast)

Currency Wars: Our financial system has been corrupted ever since Nixon took us off the gold standard. Presidential candidate Ron Paul has some innovative ideas to help cure America's economic woes... Ron Paul on returning to the Gold Standard. (Mish's Global Economic Analysis)

Ex-Pats: Americans are opting out of... America. Over 6.4 million U.S. citizens are living/working abroad. That stat doesn't include ex-Pats whom went off the grid. The real number might be over 7.5 million and closer to 8 million. (RT)

Evil Vaccines: More proof the government-run medical state is getting out of control... Feds To Test Anthrax Shot on Kids: U.S. panel backs anthrax experiments on children. Oh, and by the way, while you were sleeping, the DOD is discussing using flu viruses and vaccines to alter/manipulate DNA to alter religious fervor. (Luis Manuel, Alexander Higgins)

Vampire Squids: It turns out that all those conspiracy theories about Goldman Sachs was right all along. You should do some more research on the vampire squids at Goldman Sachs by reading The Great American Bubble Machine. (Activist Post)
Best of luck surviving today.

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