Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Red Pill: Mars Pyramids, HSBC Laundering Drug Money, Mind Control Phones, Multiple Moons, and 14,000 Americans Killed From Fukushima Radation

Ho, ho, ho! Hope your holidays have been fun and relaxing. Well, it's time for a dose of reality. Sit back and swallow down this Tuesday edition of the Red Pill...
Financial Meltdown: What is going to happen in the next year? Here's one version of a Doomsday view of 2012. (NSNBC)

Japan Meltdown: This one report leaked that 14,000 Americans died because of Fukushima radiation fallout. Another massive cover up from Japanese authorities and the MSM. (George Washington's Blog)

Banksters: It's a dirty, yet open secret that the Big Banks, including HSBC, launder billions in drug money. (Counter Pys Ops)

Ron Paul: Yeah, we all know Ron Paul is getting the royal screw job from the MSM, but who is really leading the attack on Ron Paul? And why do hardcore Republicans hate Ron Paul? Alas, one thing is for sure... TPTB are afraid of Ron Paul and in a moment of desperation, they have unleashed the attack dogs.(Activist Post, You Tube, Mish Global Economic Analysis)

Mars: Ever wonder what the heck is on Mars? Well, here's a video featuring 200 amazing and stunning photos of pyramids, towers, ruins, and UFOs on Mars. (Before Its News)

Moon: Did you know, according to the wizards at MIT, that at any given time, there's more than one moon orbiting the Earth? (Technology Review)

Mind Control: Hmmm... this could also be filed under 'Rise of the Machines' because nothing freaks me out more than my BlackBerry or laptop being able to read my mind. But, computer gurus are promising that mind control PCs and mobile phones will hit the marketplace within 5 years. (Daily Mail)
That's it for now. Best of luck surviving the rest of the year!

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