Monday, November 21, 2011

Red Pill: Rising Food Prices, Alien Skeleton, Lost at Sea, Krokodil, UFOs, and Journalists Arrested for Covering OWS

It's Monday. Time for a dose of the Red Pill and see what's really happening out there in our nebulous world...
Rising Food Prices: Enjoy your Thanksgiving this year -- especially because it's going to cost over 20% more this year than the last year due to rising food prices. The economy is in the crapper and the U.S. Dollar doesn't have the buying power it used to. Time to start your own garden, eh? (Activist Post)

Free Press: So much for freedom of the press, right? Don't dictatorships like China and the former Soviet Union through journalists in prison for doing their job? Welcome to the New America, where the press gets zip-cuffed with the rest of the masses. Police across the country have been arresting journalists during Occupy Wall Street protests, and as a result, the press has been keeping tabs on who's gotten swept up. Check out... Tracking Journalists Arrested at Occupy Protests. (Mother Jones)

Lost at Sea: Before you book a cruise, you might want to think twice and read this article Rebecca Coriam: Lost At Sea. If you don't know... 171 people have disappeared from cruise ships in the last decade. 171 disappearances is alarming. How many were suicides? How many were murders? How many were unexplained phenomena? There's also a website that tracks "overboard" incidents on cruise ships. (The Guardian, Cruise Junkie)

Aliens: Did scientists and archeologists stumble upon the skeletal remains of an alien? (Disinfo)

Police State, Part 1: Were you wondering who was behind the nationwide crackdowns of the Occupy movement? Well it turns out that it's a cop group named PERF who is coordinating it all. (SF Bay Guardian)

Police State, Part 2: Lessons to be learned from recent violence against students on California campuses? Here's What George Orwell Can Teach Us About Police Brutality (The Atlantic)

Freaks: I've been living in San Francisco for a few months, and the Bay Area is certainly not without its share of freaks, but this guy has to take the cake this week... meth-head eats bobcat. (SF Snitch)

Drugs: A few months ago, word got out about a highly addictive substance known as "krokodil" that makes its user's skin become icky with green scales. Well, thankfully someone compiled a list of 10 ways to get high that are 'slightly' more pleasant than Krokodil. (io9)

War on OWS: You figured it was coming because the Occupy movement is showing no signs of relenting. As the movement spreads across the country, Lobbyists target the Occupy with a plan to bring down the movement. (MSNBC)

Ponzi: Oh, yeah about the MF Global fiasco? It appears that commingling estimates of investor funds are double than originally expected. (Zero Hedge)

UFOs: Over in the U.K., someone captured stunning images of UFOs. Seriously, what the hell is that? (Welwyn Hatfield Times)

Best of luck. I hope you survive the week.

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