Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Mainstream Media Manipulation

This is scary, yet expected when the MSM is owned by five companies. So-called journalists are being fed scripts to feed the public a specific slanted view. Here's a situation involving Conan O'Brien...

H/T to Vigilant Citizen for pointing this out.


  1. No Youtubes at work, but I'll go with Conan O'Brien pushing the envelope for 1000 Alex.

  2. Wow, I would be really careful about licking that envelope...

  3. There's a simple answer to this. The Associated Press sent out a script on its entertainment wires and lazy producers at stations everywhere just used it verbatim.

    Sorry to rain on this Tao of Fear conspiracy parade, but it has nothing to do with who owns the MSM considering none of these stations are technically the MSM... they're all local media owned by lots of different ownership groups.

    I tried to find the AP article, but it's too old to be in our system anymore, but if I find it, I'll post it.