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Web Bot Predictions - Fall 2011: Second American Revolution and Harsh Winter Coming

We received a copy of Clif High's recent report from his web bot project. If you've never heard of the web bots, you can catch up to speed here.

Okay, so we had a chance to review Clif's last report that was almost 50 pages in length. We broke up the web bot predictions into a couple of categories focusing on the financial collapse, weather/natural disasters, Second American Revolution, and miscellaneous stuff.

Here's the first batch of web bot predictions focusing on the financial collapse...
- Key Dates -- Oct 7th and Nov 8th: October 7th is a date that gets a lot of attention as a probably date for a big event that drives the news cycle for a week or so thru October 15th. November 8th is also mentioned as a date of significance.

- Too Big to Fail: A company that is "too big too fail" will fail sending shock waves through the financial markets. This will cause an international company to collapse. An important meeting will be held to avert a global crisis.

- Markets Collapse: A propaganda campaign or spin cycle is forth coming starting on October 7th. On October 15th and/or over that weekend there will be a shocking revelation. As a result, the financial markets will tank the following Monday. The phrase "puke themselves" was specifically mentioned.

- What Great Depression? Here's Snooki! MSM tries to cover up hyperinflation with entertainment and celebrity scandals.
* * *

Here's some web bot predictions about weather and natural disasters:
- Glowing Rain: People will find out about radioactive rain, presumably from Fukushima fallout. Companies will rush to take advantage of a "healthy food movement" producing foods that detoxify radiation.

- Hurricanes: The East Coast of the US will be on the end of five hurricanes -- with the last 2 worse than the other three combined.

- Harsh Winter and Preview of the Ice Age: Weather forecasts call for a severe winter with horrible ice storms. Lots of cold, ice, wind storms and "electrified winds", along with 2 visibly impacting terra intrusions a month. A mega ice storm will create a crisis where the federal government fails to send help (they don't send any). This ice storm is a part of a forecast for long lasting ice in some area.

- West Coast Earthquakes: 2 earthquakes on the West Coast, with one causing severe damage. An earthquake (not specifically mentioned in the USA) will cause a gas/chemical plant to explode, and people will be accidentally gasses.

- Volcanoes, Sinkholes, and Mud Slides: Increased volcanic activity with sulfur odor in the air. Many more reports of sinkholes with large rips/tears in the ground. And mud. Lots of mud flows.

- Flooding in Europe: Europe will experience severe flooding causing power outages and gas leaks.
* * *

There was a lot of chatter about a "Second" American Revolution. I'm assuming the protests the web bot predictions speak of are the current Occupy Wall Street protests in different cities across America.
- Elders Fight Cops: The impending "Second" America Revolution will have roots in a hostage crisis inside an ATM area, somehow involved with the bank protests. "Elders" will be trying to rescue the young, student-aged hostages and they clash with police in riot gear. The elders get beaten down badly with batons, which becomes a flash point in the protest movement.

- Kent State 2.0: Shooting of unarmed students by police sparks the Second Revolution.

- Dirty War and Kidnapping Protesters: The Second Revolution will be a "dirty" war with abductions and assassinations of protest movement leaders. Protesters and leaders will mysteriously disappear.

- Prison Ships: Prison ships floating off the coast will be housing many protesters and other troublemakers. Many revolutionaries will hole up in the Northeast mountains.

- More Oppression: Clashes between protesters and police will be used as an excuse to create more oppression of the citizens. "Netting" of civilians is mentioned, along with routine rounding up of people.

- U.S. Troops on American Soil: Military troops will be called in to re-seize a city on the east coast sometime between December 2011 and March 2012. Many scared citizens will beg for military protection to feel safer as martial law gets enacted.

- The Revolution Will Be Live Streamed: Street battles filmed from "high" positions (helicopter cameras?) will show clashes between police and people. And a videographer of the street battles is decapitated.

- Military Defections and a New Military Leader Gets His 15-Minutes of Fame: Many key military officials will become disaffected with the usage of military force/action against American citizens. However, one military figure will become a celebrity and quickly rise in power -- but his use of power is bad.

- "You Can't Win" Propaganda: The government and MSM will use subliminal messages to sedate the sheeple and quell an uprising using target phrase like "you can't win" and even trying to promote suicide. Suicide becomes a popular theme explored by the MSM as more and more coverage of mass suicides gets attention.

- Youth Riots/Web Censorship: Large groups of youth will rise up in riots known as the "winter action" and as a result, the powers that be will use that as an excuse to censor the web and prevent access in some areas.

- Rubbish Revolt: The riots will become part of a new language -- "Rubbish Revolt" -- to diminish the protest movement.

- Flash Mobs: Flash mobs will create havoc and a sophisticated ring of robberies will spring up due to the constant uprisings.

- No Jobs = Food Riots: Corporations flee America causing even worse unemployment. Only sector hiring is private security guards. Works camps pop up. Harsh winter causes food shortages along with inflation, more people are starving and hungry, causing food riots.

- Food for Profit: The military will be needed to protect food at docks for corporations before it gets shipped overseas. This is a problem because of food riots will flare up across the country in 2012.
* * *

And here's some miscellaneous web bot predictions:
- Safe Roads Initiative: Auto accidents (car jackings?) involving celebrities and socialites freak out the wealthy, leading to increased personal security and legislation called the "safe roads initiative."

- Mutilation Murder: A celebrity official and other top officials will be forced to resign after a scandal breaks about a "mutilation murder"... (Editor's note: I'm not clear if this is linked to a potential assassination plot -- nor does it mention who will be the target for assassination).

- Burning Down the Vatican: Riots in Europe will lead to crimes against the mega rich, including a decapitation. Food riots will lead to the destruction of the Vatican, which reveals secrets that have been entombed for centuries.

- Pope Murdered? The Pope dies, but everyone is told it was of natural causes, when in fact he was murdered.

- False Flag Alien Attack: The powers that be will attempt to use mind manipulation to manifest a "visual visitation" to create a false flag alien attack. A building will be covered in space goo. "Glowing bricks" were mentioned along with a farmer shooting an alien.

- Secrets of the Moon -- Hollow Moon and Alien Moon Bases: Former NASA whistlebowers will reveal secrets about the moon. Former government contractors (out of work scientists and engineers) will spill the beans about a hollow moon, moon bases,and humanoids/aliens living on the moon.

- Moon and Sun: The Moon will become a dominant theme in the media. Mental breakdowns will happen because of "sun" disease when people go crazy due to high sunspot activity.

- Ray of Hope: SOC or Self-Organizing Collectives will spring up as a bastion of hope. Society will try to thrive in the SOCs.
* * *

Understand that these web bot predictions should be taken with a significant amount of latitude. Some of the previous web bot predictions have taken shape, while others have never materialized.

These are just a few of the web bot predictions mentioned in the last report. We encourage you to support the project and pick up a copy for yourself. We just touched on a small amount of info, but visit Clif High's website if you're interested in reading everything in the most recent report.

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  1. similar things i have predicted for years. since the early 80's. we have over 20 million combat trained veterans walking around, many of them very angry and disillusioned with the american government, government officials are too ignorant to see what is coming for them, an entertainment media that has desensitized the population to violence, brutality and death. the population has become wise to the elite rich that pull the strings in our government. it's a recipe for disaster that cannot be averted. just a matter of time.