Friday, October 14, 2011

Red Pill: Jalaluddin Haqqani the New Boogeyman, Facebook Tracks Your Web Browsing, and Floods in Thailand

Smile. You've survived the week! Here's a dose of the Red Pill before you head into the weekend...
Gulf Oil Spill: Remember that oil spill in the gulf? It's still leaking. The floor of the Gulf of Mexico is fractured and unstable which means gas and oil are still spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. (Real Agenda)

War on Drugs: Thanks to our friend JT who pointed out this piece from the other side of the pond about how American Growers Can Beat the War on Drugs. (The Guardian)

War on Terror: Need a new villain for Americans to demonize? Meet the New Boogeyman for America: Jalaluddin Haqqani. (Zero Hedge)

Oil Wars: Is the foiled Iran-backed terror plot a distraction from the Occupy Wall Street protests? Or is it just another scenario playing out in the Oil Wars between Saudi Arabia and Iran? (The Daily Beast)

Big Brother Facebook: Try logging out of Facebook before you check out stuff on the web if you're a privacy freak, and especially if you happen to love porn sites. Facebook can track web browsing without cookies is a reality. (Reader Supported News)

Floods: Thailand is experiencing their worst flooding in decades. Here are some gut wrenching, yet stunning images. (The Atlantic)

Broke City, USA: You knew it was coming. Harrisburg, PA officially filed for bankruptcy. The capitol of the state of Pennsylvania cannot pay their bills. This is just the first of many more municipalities which will be filing for bankruptcy in the upcoming months. (Wide Awake News)

Bank Runs: I'd be worried if I had a Bank of America account. Are the suits running BoA instituting a no opt-out policing to prevent a bank run? (Activist Post)
Enjoy a few days off. You deserved it!

Thanks to the @TheHumanHead, Thane and JT for pointing out some of these stories.

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