Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Red Pill: Greece in Default, Rupert Murdoch and Adults Taking Jobs from Teens

We're back with a weekly dose of reality and the Monday Morning Red Pill. What a better time to have the truth smack you in the arse, than bright and early on Monday morning?
European Sovereign Debt Crisis: Yep, it's official. Greece is now in default. Get out that riot gear! Its gonna be a rough month. (Mish)

Drug War: Here's a glimpse into the underbelly of the Narco War in Mexico titled Unraveling Mexico's Sinaola's Cartel. (LA Times)

Corrupt Media: Matt Taibbi's rant on an uber-whiny Rupert Murdoch and the News of the World scandal is a must read. Check out How Rupert Murdoch Dragged Media Into the Swamp (Rolling Stone)

Division of Politics: Two Cracked Political Parties, One Scrambled Nation is a guest post I original saw of ZeroHedge, about the broken political system we have in America. (Tanosborn Online)

Unemployment: Adults Taking Teen Jobs in Colorado, Leaving Teens Unemployed... yep, with unemployment rising, adults are forced to take McJobs, driving teenagers out of the shitty, min-wage job market. (Boulder Weekly)
That's it for now. Good luck on surviving the week!

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