Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Waffles Report: Inspector America

There is a really great informative show called Inspector America on the History Channel. A fat old guy goes around to different cities and points out the awaiting disasters in America's infrastructure.

The show had a marathon this weekend. It was an interesting show. A few of the cool parts were showing how Seattle has a sea wall ready to collapse next to a highway that was never properly repaired after the last 8.6 earthquake. These items are next to each other and could both collapse if another earthquake happens.

It also documented how L.A. is adding this billion dollar lane to the highway that is possibly helpful but could probably be achieved much cheaper and quicker by putting a hover lane in. If you have not seen a hover lane it is this cool zipper like barrier that you can flip adding one lane to the heavy commuter traffic and taking one lane off the lighter non-commuter traffic. Boston utilizes this method on I-93 going into town from the South Shore.

The scariest thing I took away from this show though is the follow fact. It seems like we have become caught up in something that seems like a bad post-apocalyptic America movie. You know the ones I am talking about... it is a hundred years after the great atomic war and all the ancient technologies exist but nobody knows how to use them. America has become a real life Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome. We have no clue how to keep the "ancients" technologies running or to build anything new. In Boston, they spent a billion dollars on a tunnel that leaks and has killed people from falling concrete.

I am not sure how we lost the ability to repair and create sound structures in our society. I think it came about because of a Darwin like cause and effect of greed. The good engineers that knew how to fix things and build new things would bid on a contract and they would ask for a higher price to do it right. The lesser engineers that were weasels and retards would bid lower. The better engineers that knew how to do things without say killing people went out of business or were laughed out of the industry. A few generations passed and all we are left with is the lowest, greediest, idiots making all of our infrastructure decisions and repairs.

I do not know about you gentle readers but I see a time in the not so distant future when buildings fall if you sneeze at them. People fall in the sewers just by walking down the street. Giant roaming potholes eat whole sections of highway. Disaster which we only dreamed of will become every day occurrences. America will fall into ruins without our enemies firing a single missile.

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  1. Yeah, man, yeah! It's all the fault of the Free Market! Tell it, brother! What we need is a little bIt more of that socialism stuff goin' on!