Sunday, May 8, 2011

John Lear: Artificial Moon and 300 Aliens Living in the Sun

I didn't know who John Lear was before I spent a hungover Saturday morning sifting through UFO and alien forums. Apparently, John Lear is well known in conspiracy circles for his staunch belief that the U.S. government is covering up the existence of multiple alien races. He was a frequent guest on Art Bell's radio show Coast to Coast.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this thread I am the real John Lear... ask me a question. In that thread I discovered more of Lear's fascinating beliefs. So much so, that he gave me at least a dozen screenplay ideas.

Among Lear's controversial assertions are...
- The moon is hollow and was towed to Earth by aliens from its former position near Jupiter.

- An advanced civilization currently lives on Venus.

- 300 alien races live inside the sun.

- The grey "ETs" are actually robots.

- Humans were a genetic experiment for an unknown alien race.

- President Nixon took Jackie Gleason to a secret Air Force base to see frozen dead alien bodies.

- Hitler died in America.

- Parts of the Earth are hollow and can be accessed at either poles.

- There are nuclear sub bases underneath Las Vegas and St. Louis.

You can also listen to John Lear's condensed world view about governmental involvement with aliens here:

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  1. Good job. Keep this up, and John Lear will BE COMPLETELY DISCREDITED! Ha Ha Ha Ha. . .