Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday A.M. Red Pill: Iran Arrests Spies, Guatemalan Drug Gangs, Middle East Media Fraud and Matt Taibbi

Anyone who pisses off the Gringos is a friend of Venezuela!

It's Monday morning. Time to wake up and start living!
Spy Games: Long, but stellar read from The Secret Sharer: Is Thomas Drake an enemy of the state? (New Yorker)

WWIII: Iran arrests 30 spies and is building a Venezuelan Missile Base. Sounds like a rerun from the Cold War (Soviets using Cuba as a proxy state, and Iran using Venezuela). (ZeroHedge)

Aliens: Scientist confirm we have alien DNA. As if you needed confirmation of that. (Activist Post)

Vampire Squids: Epic Matt Taibbi interview -- he calls U.S. politics a "reality show sponsored by Wall Street." (Russia Today)

Drug War: Move over Mexico... Guatemala is in the middle of their own bloody war as drug gangs have taken over entire regions of the country. (McClatchy)

MSM Fail: Western media is wrought with fraud in the Middle East. Same here in America, which means we can't trust any news from the Middle East can we? (AJ)

TEOTWAWKI: This sacred a seasoned fear monger like me... Divide and Conquer (Activist Post)
That's it kids. You've been a great crowd. Good luck surviving the week!

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