Saturday, May 14, 2011

Egyptian Artifacts Found at Grand Canyon; Evidence Suppressed for 100 Years

The Americas were visited by people from other continents way before Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. I stumbled upon a couple of articles that suggested Egyptian artifacts (some of Buddhist and Hindu origins) and mummies were discovered over 100 years ago inside a hidden Grand Canyon cavern...
April 1909
The Lost City of the Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon/Egypt Connections
The last link shows photos of some peaks that could be interpreted as "temples" or pyramids. There's an ancient Hopi story which suggested that their ancetors lived in caves underneath the Grand Canyon.

Of course, the scientific community and the U.S. government did everything possible to cover up any links. The last thing they want is Americans asking questions and millions of skeptical folks abandoning their organized religions.

Here's an interview with the "original Indiana Jones" about evidence of an ancient civilization which lived in a lost city inside the Grand Canyon...

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