Thursday, May 12, 2011

Alien War in Antarctica?

Our buddy Jonas tipped us off to an article written earlier this year suggesting a future round of WikiLeaks releases will detail a war between the U.S.military and aliens in the Southern Ocean and Antarctica.

I conducted research and discovered a few interesting and fascinating trains of thoughts on the convergence of aliens and Antarctica. Almost every story I came across included a strong Nazi presence in Antarctica.

Here's what I found:
- Shortly before the end of WWII, Hitler escaped Europe in U-boat and fled to a secret base in Antarctica. At that Nazi base, scientists were reverse engineering a UFO that crashed in Germany in the 1930s. For decades, the Germans had been using UFO technology to bolster the Luftwaffe.

- Admiral Byrd went to Antarctica in 1947 under the guise of an expedition to search for coal and other natural resources. Operation Highjump was actually set in motion for Byrd to find a secret Nazi base, while many conspiracy theorists are convinced that was a cover for an invasion of alien bases in Antarctica. A coalition force of Americans, Brits, and Aussies suffered heavy casualties after UFOs engaged the U.S. Navy and fighter aircraft.

- In 1947, during his expedition to Antarctica, Admiral Byrd was captured by aliens (tall humanoids with blonde hair) who brought him underground to a crystal city and told him that humans needed to stop setting off nuclear weapons before we destroy the world.

- Citing Google Maps as proof, curious amateur mapologists discovered numerous "holes" in the ground originating in Antarctica. One theory suggests that the Earth is hallow and those massive holes are entrances to the underworld... or hangars for UFOs.

- Another Google Earth Maps user found alien ruins in Antarctica.

- And guess what? There's a volcano underneath Antarctica.
By the way, here's a map of the continent at the bottom of the planet. We still have no idea what's really happening in Antarctica, but it's an elusive part of Earth that we'll continue to keep a close eye on.

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