Friday, April 29, 2011

You Want Fries With That?; McDonalds Fields 1 Million Applications

McDonalds was always considered a shitty job and the lowest rung on the capitalism food chain. That's where the term "McJob" was derived. Even within the fast food industry, McDs was the worst of the worst to work in. McD's economic apologists often harp on the fact that McD's will hire anyone (regardless of age, gender or race) without any experience. Of course, those lenient hiring practices explained why they always fucked up your order at the drive-thru, because if you were able to breathe and had no qualms about making minimum wage, then McDs would hire you... no questions asked.

A "McJob" is a derogatory word used describe a dead-end service sector job in which you're completely dispensable and actually lucky to be getting minimum wage. Lord knows that if America didn't have a min-wage law on the books, McDs and other evil fast food corporations would be paying their entry level McWorkers half as much.

When I was in high school, during the first George Bush's reign, the average age of a McWorker was under 20 years old. By the time my Gen-X classmates graduated college at the end of the Clinton era, the median age rose to 22. And in Obama's America of hope and change? The median age of a McWorker is almost 30. McD's used to be a job for pimply-faced teenagers, but the Golden Arches have become a last source of income for many economically-screwed adults. I'm afraid that over the next few years, the median age of a McWorker will continue to rise.

I know that times are tougher than tough in Middle America with surging unemployment numbers (substantially higher than the MSM reported), but holy shit, did 1 million people really apply for jobs at McDonalds?

Yes, it true according to McDonalds Hires 62,000, Turns Away Over 938,000 Applicants For Minimum Wage, Part-Time Jobs.

With 40,000 available positions, McDs hired 62,000... many of whom held college degrees, and a few had multiple degrees. Dare I say, the educational level at McD's is rising with the average age?

With millions of unemployed Americans on the brink of desperation, McD's might have been the only thing that prevented a wide-scale uprising. If Obama and the federales don't want millions of pissed-off unemployed Americans protesting in the streets, then they better open up more McD's franchises.

Even McJobs in America are becoming scarce and well-paying jobs with health insurance have become proverbial pipe dreams for college graduates. Seems like the service sector is the only one hiring. I used to tend bar, so I know what it's like to bust my hump and hustle on tips. My future as a freelance writer is murky, so I'm anticipating heading behind the bar at some point in my future.

Are there any jobs in America, or do we need a yearly census to create more jobs? Manufacturing jobs were shipped out to China over a decade ago. IT departments and CSR centers were shipped out to India. So what's left to do in America? Service jobs. Barista at Starbucks or flipping burgers at McDs are the only jobs that American corporations can't outsource. If it was profitable to fly in workers from China and India to make Big Macs and double chocolate frappicinos, those malevolent corporations would do it.

Then again, at the Jack in the Box down the street, they installed a self-service kiosk and eliminated one cashier. How long before McDs has robots flipping burgers and screwing up your order?

Welcome to 21st Century America. Do you want fries with that?


  1. Part of the problem is the tax laws. Money that is invested overseas and the profits earned there are not subject to US taxation as long as it stays out of the US, witness GE's $14B profit and claiming a US tax credit. IOW the tax code encourages the creation of overseas jobs and while Obama has tried to get these laws changed both the GOP and members of his own party are fighting him on this feeling the corporations need it to be "competitive". Why the US government has to encourage businesses to be competitive overseas when they get no tax benefits and we, the citizens, don't get any jobs I haven't the foggiest.

    Also I keep hearing that it is small business that are the greatest employers and thus deserve tax breaks but everything done over the past decade or so was to give breaks to the mega corps and encourage them to merge or acquire and become even bigger. It seems government policy over the past 10-15 years has run directly counter to the best interests of its citizens

  2. I clearly remember another McD job fair. Two friends of mine (twins in fact) stood in line and landed positions - they were freshmen in high school. They both worked there after school for four years and eventually got a 20 cent bonus on minimum wage, they were paid $1.80 an hour ('68-'72) and one free meal per shift. I hired one of them in the pharmacy in '72 and nearly doubled his hourly to $3.25. Different times.

  3. Interesting comments from Wolfshead. As I believe it, Obama wants to keep trying to tax that money that is earned abroad. He isn't trying to change anything. If that money could "come home" to America with being taxed twice (home and abroad) it could create jobs here.

    Scary thing to me is a fast food restaurant is hiring so many people when the President's wife and his party are leading an assault on this sector claiming they are at fault for obesity. Dems are trying to prevent them from offering products (happy meals) in order to make people live how they want. They will try to tax the one sector that is providing jobs which eventually has all these people back on the unemployment line.

  4. Let's focus less on partisan politics and focus on the fact that 1 million people were willing to work at McDonalds....