Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan Meltdown? Wednesday Evening Update

Here's today's quick links...
Rod Adams' blog Atomic Insights has some interesting and convincing opposing arguments about the overreaction to the radiation fallout. Adams is from a former U.S. Navy nuclear sub tech. Thanks to one of our readers for sharing Adams' blog. Check out It is never safe to panic and it is wrong to appear uncertain when you know what to do. (Atomic Insights)

Increasing Safe Radiation Dosages by 150% (Zero Hedge)

Foreign Bankers Flee Tokyo (Rueters)

Wikileaks: Watchdog had Warned Japan About Power Planets Unable to Survive Earthquakes (Telegraph)

Shock Begins to Turn to Anger (NPR)

The Exodus of Tokyo Continues. (Zero Hedge)

Nuclear (and Economic) Meltdown In Progress (Chris Martenson)


  1. You might find this amusing - video made to explain to Japanese kids who may be worried what is going on.