Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Meltdown - Tuesday Afternoon Update

Here are a few items about the nuclear crisis in Japan...
Fukushima Nuke Plant Situation 'Worsened Considerably' (Kyodo)

First hand account of the earthquake... In the Quake Zone(Jason Kelly via ZeroHedge)

Radiation Leaks After Third Japanese Blast (Sky News)

Meltdown Alert (BBC)

DigitalGlobe's Satellite Imagery Analysis Of Fukushima (ZeroHedge)

Japan Prepares for the Worst (The Independent)

Video: How a meltdown will happen (Zero Hedge)

The Exodus Begins...Panicked Residents Flee (Daily Mail)


  1. And for some balance:


  2. I hope you are reading these articles with a healthy level of skepticism, as I am sure you do with all main stream media news reports. Some of these guys... man, I dunno.