Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Waffles Report: Ant People - Aliens?

I have to say that the History Channel is a boon for fear monger's like us. I was watching last night and they had this program that made total sense. I mean obviously aliens are among us. Where could they be hiding though?

We do not see dead alien bodies normally. According to the Hopi Indians the Star People came down to earth and dropped off the Ant People. This makes TOTAL sense. It ties everything all together.

I mean what part of the earth have we explored the least? The core.

Ant people who can dig below the surface would never be discovered. It had to be either underground or in the Ocean. For several reasons I do not think aquatic life will ever form an industrial civilization necessary to travel the stars. Sorry General Ackbar... I just do not buy it.

That leaves Ant people. Scary but true. Stock up on sugar cubes and maybe they will save you from the next Apocalypse.

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  1. i disagree, there are Humanoid Dolphin people! remember? the naga from Atlantis? Dolphins bro :) hitchhikers guide isnt all fun an games ya know ;P