Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Waffles Report: Fascist Government Strikes Again

Have you read this shit? The government wants to make an off switch for the internet.

I mean are you fucking kidding me?

I told you people this was coming. Our government is a fascist regime. Our freedoms have been eroding since George Bush proved that we're a fucking country of stupid sheeple to be disallow things like rights.

If you just mention the word "terrorist," then people will let you stick scanners up their asses, photograph them nude, shoot killer x-rays into your bodies, while perverts making five bucks an hour, get to rape you while a line of people watch.

And now they can turn off the internet.

Can you imagine how much power this is going to give the government? I mean when Wikileaks wants to publish something they can just go "Cyber Terrorist," flick the switch, kill the informants, and then turn it on once all the news leaks have been closed down.

Where will we get our news? The government controlled television stations? Right. Newpapers? BWAHAHAHAH do they even exist anymore? I mean the internet is the only bastion of freedom and information left to Americans.

Is it not ironic that we decide the internet is so dangerous it needs a shut off switch only after people have proven that true, democratic, peaceful revolution is possible?

I hope that when this happens, groups like Anonymous will fake terrorist-cyber attacks and cause the government to flick the internet on and off all the time. It is really the only chance we have of revolution from the fascist regime. Sheeple will not be moved by well thought out articles like you see on Tao of Fear. However, I can see them throwing Molotov cocktails in the streets when they are denied their LolCats and LolDogs, when they can not Tweet their friends, and have not seen Sally's Facebook status in days. Not to mention no more downloading tranny hooker blows donkey porn!

We shall see bloodshed against the fascist overlords ruling this country that has not been seen since the great revolution from England!!!

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  1. "People should not fear their government, the government should fear their people." - V