Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dictator Chic: Moammar Gadhafi

When it comes to fashion trends among totalitarian leaders, Libya's Moammar Gadhafi is constantly pushing the envelope. Remember the Gadhafi of the 80's? All stoic salutes and military chic?

Sometimes he'd even pull out the dress whites and add a carefully chosen splash of jewel-toned color, like this jade sash:

As his reign continued, Gadhafi's fashion choices evolved. Here, he embraced traditional North African garb with plenty of gold accents. Note the extraordinary headpiece that perfectly coordinates with his gold chain necklace and cocktail-sized ring:

At an energy summit in the Ukraine, he donned a daring mix of scarlet pinstripes and periwinkle:

And finally, in our favorite shot, he embraces hipster couture with a black beanie and rectangular shades:

Tao of Fear Dictator Chic grade: A-