Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Waffles Report: Researching - Nothing Works Anymore

I realized there is a plot afoot that is kind of hiding in the background. I am not sure who is responsible for it yet. I saw this subtle erosion of our society while talking to a friend this morning. We were griping about how our trains were broken down. At first I assumed it was because the trains were old and out of date. I then realized that it is a NEW train that broke down. It got my thought process working through the crust that has grown on it from American Idol hypnotic suggestions and I realized NOTHING works anymore.

I mean do you realize how bad it is getting. It used to be that everything was high-quality and made to last forever. I have a TV from 1978 that I am still using, however, the one I bought in 2009 is already in the trash. The people I hire to "fix" things on my house just can never do it right. Even in my field, I see this all the time. It used to be that engineers were damn good. They could send a spaceship to fucking Pluto, have it kiss it's ass, and send pictures back before it left the galaxy all without the benefit of reprogramming it's course. Now a days you have satellites slamming into MARS because some fucktard used inches instead of Eurofuck centimeters.

Is it just that we have become so lazy and stupid that we can not do anything right? Is there a plot that began years ago to destroy the ability of our society to function? Is it an offshoot of the removal of disciplines like wearing suits to work or is it some more insidious plot by our Chinese overlords to weaken our infrastructure and give them more orders for cheap electronics so they can further grow the red menace?

I am not sure yet but keep your eyes open. I will continue to investigate this disturbing trend.

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  1. I blame the PC for the increased errors in engineering & manufacturing.

    Back in the old days, engineering work was performed by hand, both calculations and drawings. Over the past 20 years, almost all of this work has been transitioned to be done on computers.

    The use of the PC has allowed for projects to be completed much faster than what used to be possible. What used to take months to be done now can be done in weeks.

    With that, much of the 'thinking time' has been removed from the process. Not enough thinking time = more errors in design & production.

    The other 'benefit' of computer based design is the removal of margin from the design of everything. It used to be necessary to have a large amount of design margin because their tools for analysis were rather rough and they had to err on the side of caution. This margin meant that most things were overbuilt and would last a long time. Today, modern design tools and production methods allows manufacturers to cut out all of the margin in products, and they just don't last like they used to.

    So new things fail more often than older things.

    The only exception to this I can think of are cars. The modern new car warranty provides incentives to manufacturers to produce well made cars. Without that, they would be making crap too.