Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

2011 will be the year of Fear Mongering! Luckily, you're in the right place...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Waffles Report: My Name is Waffles and I Know Things

I am lucky to be alive. The only reason the powers that be do not kill me is that nobody ever believes anything I say. It is a talent I have. I am here to talk to you about the biggest threat that faces us today. Pauly warns you about the CIA, Aliens, the Money Brokers but they are all small potatoes compared to the biggest enemy to humanity: The Catholic Church.

In order to convince you of the dangers I need to show you just how shrewd and cunning and organization they are. It is timely that Christmas has just ended as this is one of the biggest conspiracies of the Church. The true meaning of Christmas is priest boy sex. You see in the olden days it was not so easy to put a boy in a dress and spend some quality alone time with him. The people back then were a lot more wary than the sheeple we have today.

The Catholic church at the core has a group including all of the elected popes which is dedicated to power for the sake of power. It uses young boys to keep its members in line. I mean what better control over someone can you have than revealing that. It also needs these young boys to gain political control over secular leaders. What greater proof can you have for this than the fact that not one priest who was caught molesting boys was removed from the church? The inner circle protects itself.

In the olden days it was getting hard to keep a good supply of children coming in. I mean the inquisitions had solidified their power base. That in itself was an amazing plan. I mean go to church or die. Which one would you choose? Brilliant. One of the inner circle had one of the best ideas ever.

Unlike NAMBLA they needed to be liked by the mainstream. So they came up with a plan. It was so simple and yet so fiendishly clever: Santa Claus.

I mean seriously if some strange guy came up to you and told you to put your kid in his lap would you in a million years do it? Now, we brainwash the children into believing that toys depend on this and the parents have no fucking choice. The kids do not mind sacrificing some of their own as long as they get toys. The parents like the fact that they have extra levels to control their kids so they can do crack and watch fucking Oprah without little Tommy goddamn wanting to play the hundredth game of fucking Sorry. The priests who dress up as Santa’s now can have the children WAIT IN LINE to be put on their laps so they can rub one out. I mean it is so simple and so fucking brilliant that it scares the fuck out of me.

The last thing I will say is this. The reason these pervert assholes scare me the most is the end goal. I mean the CIA want you to be sheeple entertained by electronic gadgets and let them do whatever the fuck they want. The money brokers just want to make you poor and steal all your money. What is the end game for the church though? Apocalypse. I mean what better thing could happen for them? When the earth is mostly a burning cinder or millions have died in mysterious plague who do you turn to? The fucking all powerful invisible guy. The Church wants to annihilate like 70% of the worlds population and then install themselves as supreme rulers of the remaining ones. I think they have the think tanks to accomplish this. Catacombs under the Church in Rome with secret survival bunkers give them an easy way to wait out the worst of it.

With 2012 coming and the Church’s popularity on the decline do not be surprised if it is the Church that pushes the red button. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Morning Red Pill: Argentina Hair Thieves, BP's Hidden Ocean Floor Spill, Urine Collector, Merrill Lynch Subsidies & Dykstra Ruins Christmas

Another Monday and another opportunity to take a jump down the rabbit hole with these heady links...
Life in Argentina - 9 Years Later is Ferfal's take on the quality of life in Argentina post-collapse. By the way, beware of hair thieves in Buenos Aires. (Surviving Argentina)

My friend Amy posted the second part of her series How the World Series of Poker Saved Me from the Market Crash: Part II, as she explains how a summer assignment as a reporter/photographer saved her financial butt. (Aimlessly Chasing Amy)

BP is trying to hide the discovering of a bulk of oil collecting in thick layers on the ocean floor. Luckily, GW gives us the straight dope. (George Washington)

The Subsidy: How a Handful of Merrill Lynch Bankers Helped Blow Up Their Own Firm is a sordid tale of CDOs losses in excess of $8 billion. (Pro Publicia)

How Lenny Dykstra Ruined Christmas is another bad beat story from someone who was foolish to actually hand over cash to a degen like "Nails"... (Deal Breaker)

Thanks to KD for this gem about the urine collector, who is back in jail, where he should be with all of the other freaky urine collectors. (Columbus Dispatch)
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Friday, December 24, 2010

Silver Bears: JP Morgan Silver Manipulation, Part 2

The BEARS are back! This time they are blowing the whistle on more commodities market manipulation with the JP Morgue, including some serious bait-n-switch involving India and gold reserves.

Click here to view Part 1 of the Bears talking about silver manipulation.

Thanks again to Zero Hedge for the heads-up on the latest Bears video.

Merry Christmas - Love, The TSA

I love the holidays in Los Angeles for two reasons. (1) People generally go back to where they came from, resulting in a significant, albeit temporary reduction in the population, and (2) I don't have to get on a plane to go home. As a frequent traveler, however, I sincerely sympathize with any of you who must muck through an airport in the coming days. Godspeed to you, remember to put your deadly moisturizer and toothpaste in a clear plastic bag, and don't forget to shower, as not to offend the TSA agent who will be feeling you up on your way to the gate.

Here are some of the TSA-related shenanigans that are making headline:
Sacramento pilot punished for YouTube Expose: Should you dare to voice your concerns about the real flaws in airport security, four federal marshals may show up at your house. That's what happened to this veteran pilot who posted a YouTube critique of airport security including footage he shot himself inside San Francisco International Airport. His primary beef? The fact that pilots and flight attendants are required to pass through security while members of the ground crew can move around with merely the swipe of an ID card. The pilot is thankfully not in trouble with his airline but is still in hot water with the TSA, who may end up slapping him with a hefty fine for "disclosure of sensitive security information."

Woman arrested in Austin for refusing pat-down: Down in Austin, the TSA is busy making rape victims cry. Claire Hirshkind can't pass through the metal detector without setting it off due to the pacemaker in her chest. When the 56 year-old survivor of sexual assault objected to having her breasts touched by a TSA agent, she was pushed to the floor and cuffed. But the really bad thing about this news item are the quotes at the bottom from two fellow female travelers who supported her arrest because this sort of pointless theatre "makes them feel safer."

Homeland Security Staffers Troll Blog Comments: When the Department of Homeland Security isn't dreaming up new ways to piss of air travelers, some of their staffers enjoy comment-trolling on a blog called We Wont Fly. Most of them could use lessons in grammar and punctuation, not to mention anger management.
Merry Christmas, America!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I thought we were the paranoid ones?

According to a WSJ piece titled 439 Ways to Hate Bank of America, officials scooped up domain names that slam their directors and major principle officers. Call it advance damage control. BoA is hoping to thwart any fallout from the tons of potentially damaging data promised to be released in WikiLeaks' next batch of leaks.

Sure it's one thing to buy and if you're Brian Monyihan; however, for Bank of America to be spending time and resources on this project seems... desperate. The one domain they'd like to buy is one that they can't because is currently being squatted upon. Visit that URL and you'll see an existing forum where you can post your personal Bank of America bad beat stories.

Kid Dynamite sounded off on the domain hording in a recent post: How Does Bank of America Suck? Let Me Count The Ways. And yeah just as KD described, at first glance this BoA domain grab sounded like a piece of satire from The Onion.

Heck even my buddy Waffles, who is prone to rant endlessly about his horrendous online poker beats, has turned some of his ire onto Bank of America in a haunting piece Motherfuck You Banks.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Collapse" Film

I watched this documentary film through NetFlix streaming last night... it scared the heck out of me, but was grateful for some of the information about peak oil and the financial meltdown of 2008. Oh, and if you're a sick conspiracy theorist like me, you may also enjoy it.

Check out the trailer for Collapse here:

Update: I found the full film on YouTube. You can watch Collapse below...

Hollywood Apocalyptica: The Hunger Games

Young men and women of America rejoice-- fear-mongering isn't just for grownups anymore.

Post-apocalyptic-themed filmed entertainment in recent years has run the gamut from bleak (The Road) to camp (2012) to zombified (The Walking Dead). Throw in sci-fi'ers like The Book of Eli and I Am Legend along with freaky cable doc-series like Life After People and Earth 2100 and you have a veritable programming trend.

Now, with the Twilight film franchise all but complete and everyone's appetite for vampire fiction exhausted for at least another decade, Lionsgate has locked up the film rights to YA Fiction's Current Big Thing, Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy. Casting begins for the first film right after the holidays and right now, every agent on Wilshire Boulevard is clamoring to get their late-teen clients shortlisted for the lead roles.

It's a real feel-good story. Hundreds of years into the future, America has fallen and more than 90% of the population eradicated. In its place is a new country, Panem, which is divided into twelve districts and governed by a wealthy ruling elite in the Capitol. Bigger than American Idol, Survivor, and The Amazing Race all rolled into one are the Hunger Games, a yearly televised battle-to-the-death between 24 young men and women, two from each district forced by the government to put their lives on the line. Only one person can survive the Games and naturally, this epic has a tragic love story at its center between a poor 16-year old girl and the baker's son who has secretly loved her all her life. Le sigh.

Sitting in the director's chair for the first film? The family-friendly Gary Ross, who helmed Seabiscuit and Pleasantville and wrote the White House fantasy Dave and the classic comedy Big.

So, yeah. Kids have gone from obsessing over bloodthirsty gay vampires to homicidal dystopian teen survivalists. I'd say that's a step in the right direction. A franchise hit could also go a long way toward raising Lionsgate's share price and affirming faith in current studio management, much in the same way that Twilight turned Summit Entertainment into a player.

Read The Hunger Games

More on Lionsgate and Carl Ichan's failed bid to take over the board from

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

WikiLeaks Con Job?

About a week or so ago, I started thinking about WikiLeaks from a different perspective. What if WikiLeaks was a well-crafted pys-ops project?

The more I thought about some of oddities of WikiLeaks (primarily their partnership with mainstream media outlets, a few of whom were known CIA-assets), the more that pys-ops scenario could be a possibility. Let's face it, nothing that was released in the latest batch from WikiLeaks was earth-shattering information. Were there any really incendiary pieces? I couldn't find anything leaked that was more damaging as the Pentagon Papers or the investigate journalism conducted by Woodward and Bernstein to crack the Watergate case.

I'm a writer who uses the web as a pulpit and as someone who runs small business that operates in e-commerce, so obviously my biggest concern is internet censorship. When all of the powers-to-be in DC freaked out about WikiLeaks, I couldn't help but think that this was the beginning of the end of freedom on the internet. There are groups of politicians who have been trying to use the 9/11 attacks as their primary motivation to shut down dark corners of the internet, and the WikiLeaks incidents just adds more fuel to their fire.

Regardless of WikiLeaks intentions, more politicians in the US are going to use the security concerns posed by WikiLeaks as the perfect reason why they need to control the information flow on the internet.

I read something on Zero Hedge today titled Is the End Game of Wikileaks Internet Censorship?, which was a guest post from F. William Engdahl.

Here's the original article that Engdahl wrote titled Wikileaks: a Big Dangerous US Government Con Job. They come to the conclusion that... "Wikileaks is a US government-run propaganda and disinformation operation with an end goal of restricting freedoms on the internet."

This is the section from Engdahl's article that really bothered me:
What is emerging from all the sound and Wikileaks fury in Washington is that the entire scandal is serving to advance a long-standing Obama and Bush agenda of policing the until-now free Internet. Already the US Government has shut the Wikileaks server in the United States though no identifiable US law has been broken.

The process of policing the Web was well underway before the current leaks scandal. In 2009 Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller and Republican Olympia Snowe introduced the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 (S.773). It would give the President unlimited power to disconnect private-sector computers from the internet. The bill "would allow the president to ’declare a cyber-security emergency’ relating to ’non-governmental’ computer networks and do what’s necessary to respond to the threat." We can expect that now this controversial piece of legislation will get top priority when a new Republican House and the Senate convene in January.

The US Department of Homeland Security, an agency created in the political hysteria following 9/11 2001 that has been compared to the Gestapo, has already begun policing the Internet. They are quietly seizing and shutting down internet websites (web domains) without due process or a proper trial. DHS simply seizes web domains that it wants to and posts an ominous "Department of Justice" logo on the web site. See an example at Over 75 websites were seized and shut in a recent week. Right now, their focus is websites that they claim "violate copyrights," yet the website that was seized by DHS contained no copyrighted content whatsoever. It was merely a search engine website that linked to destinations where people could access copyrighted content. Step by careful step freedom of speech can be taken away. Then what?
For more articles on WikiLeaks, I suggest you take a look at WikiLeaks: The Banality of Evil and Imperial Over-Reach by Charles Hugh Smith.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Red Pill: Shotguns, Index Arbs, Wikileaks/BofA Retaliation, Greed Is Not Good, and Hank Paulson in Jail?

Welcome to the first installment of Monday Morning Red Pill...
I only understand 27% of what Kid Dynamite talks about, but that's still 73% better than the average bear. His latest opus is a gem So You Want To Understand S&P Futures Basis Trades (aka, Index Arb)?, which actually debunks inaccurate information about something posted on Zero Hedge. (Kid Dynamite's World)

Speaking of ZH... they let everyone know about the fallout from Bank of America refusing to process payments to Wikileaks. After BofA Escalates, Refuses To Process Wikileaks' Payments, Wiki Retaliates, Advises Americans To Put Their Money "Somewhere Safer" sounds like an ominous warning. (Zero Hedge)

A follow up to the Wikileak threat against BoA...Wikileaks sent out a warning to their followers on Twitter suggesting that they pull money from Bank of America... "Our advice is to place your funds somewhere safer..."(Business Insider)

Greed Is Not Good and other musings by Michael Hudson. (Jesse's Café Américain)

Why Isn't Hank Paulson In Jail? Should our former Treasury Secretary be whisked away and brought up on charges for facilitating fraud and other crimes against humanity? (George Washington's Blog)

Need a shotgun for self-defense and home-defense? Our pal from Argentina, Ferfal, succinctly broke down all of your shotgun needs in a two-parter. Check out Shotgun Class Yesterday and Shotguns for Self-Defense: How Useful? (Surviving Argentina)

How the World Series of Poker Saved Me from the Market Crash: Part 1 is a remarkably well-written piece that my friend Amy penned. We worked together for an assignment in the summer of 2007, and she wasn't able to keep an eye on her investments. Here's the story of what she did that ended up averting her from the disaster that plagued so many of us when the market took a downturn in 07-08. (Aimlessly Chasing Amy)
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fuzzy Numbers

Chris Martenson explains why the numbers released by our government aren't necessarily a good measure of what is really happening...

Child Prodigies

Beware of the murder kids! Here are nine child prodigies that you should be afraid of...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Bank Foreclosure Protesters Arrested in L.A.

On Thursday a group of protesters headed to downtown Los Angeles and gathered in front of Chase and Mellon banks. The result? 22 arrests. They wore yellow paper signs around their necks that stated: Save homes. Arrest the Wall Street Criminals.

Alas, LAPD didn't read their sign. Instead, 22 people were arrested. Last time I checked, none of those detained were actual bankers who have been getting away with outrageous incidents of fraud. All of the protesters went peacefully and there were zero incidents of violence, unlike what we have seen in recent days in Greece, Italy, and London where protesters clashed with police.

Glad that someone is protesting in the streets of America. It wasn't a massive turnout and barely got any media attention, but at least it's a start.

I originally saw the blurb on Zero Hedge...Foreclosure Fraud Arrest Tally: Arrested 22; Bankers Responsible 0, and of course, the L.A. Times (which is located in downtown LA) didn't even dispatch one of their reporters to cover the incident. The LA Times copped out and instead they ran a syndicated AP article in their business section.

Here's a video courtesy of 89.3 KPCC...

Income Inequality

The cliche fits... the rich are getting richer, while the poor are getting poorer.

H/T to the Human Head for this gem about the disappearing middle class.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Moon Rising - NASA UFO Conspiracy Theories

I watched this doc the other night and enjoyed it. Lots of speculation in here, no doubt. I do think they are on to something - the images from NASA are no doubt altered - but what are they covering up?

Italian Style Euro Riots; Nero Gets (Slim) Vote of Confidence

Rome was another battleground today as protesters were once again out in force and clashed with police. Meanwhile as Rome burns, Nero (aka Silvio Berlusconi) struggled to maintain a vote of confidence in Parliament, which sent protesters into an even further tizzy.

Where's Don Corleone when you need him? Only the Godfather can make the peace in Italy. Otherwise, the riots that have been plaguing Greece and Italy will eventually be imported to a city near you.

Space Missions in Our Solar System

I found this graphic quite interesting...

Click to enlarge and enjoy!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Secret of OZ

I loved this documentary. In this video you will learn the history of money and banking in Europe and The United States. Wonder what the Gold Standard really means and its history? The Secret of Oz will give you a good summary. Lots of Thomas Jefferson and Abe Lincoln quotes. Towards the end they offer possible solutions to our current problems with the Federal Reserve System, but I liked that most of the information was presented without being too heavy handed.

Ron Paul vs Ben Bernake

I found this interview amusing...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Greek Riots; Coming Soon to a Street Corner Near You!

This is sort of rebellion from the masses is what should be happening all over America, but it won't because it's football season and we're too concerned about what was written on our Facebook wall.

Alas, then again, maybe everyone else who isn't a sports fan or doesn't have a Facebook account will throw fire bombs at the police protecting the bankers?

This is Greece. This is now. Will it be America tomorrow?

H/T to Zero Hedge.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The U.S. Dollar Bubble

This video was originally published in November of 2009. Freaky for sure considering what has happened to the dollar in the twelve months since then.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

World (Financial) Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes

This video from the infamous Clarke and Dawe duo made me chuckle... because Europe is in the shitter. But then again, it also made me want to horde more silver.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Silver Bears: JP Morgan Silver Manipulation, Part 1

This Xtranormal video is gold... well, silver... well, you know what I'm saying. It almost makes me miss my old job.

This is witty and hysterical and you gotta see it. Even if you're not investor savvy, the video explains (in layman's terms) what JP Morgan has been doing in their attempt to manipulate the price of silver... not to mention Goldman Sachs involvement. If you don't get the inside jokes, at the least, you'll get a lesson in naked short-selling and manipulation of the futures market.

H/T to Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge's post: The Goldman Sack Blows The Whistle On The JP Morgue Silver Manipulation Scheme.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

All You Need to Know About Investing: Buy the Fucking Dip

Thanks to the Human Head for pointing out this gem about "buying the dip."

I used to talk to some of my clients just like this... "Buy the fucking dip!"

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Euro Debt Crisis: I Don't Give a Fuck, That's the Problem

Who knew that MC Ren was such an astute observant of my vacillating view on politics. I don't get involved in debates and arguments, because those are futile. I'm more of a man of action. I can get behind a movement whenever they are really trying to bring about change -- and none of this fake change that so many friends swallowed in gallons when they drank the Obama Kool Aid (and saw a savior who was nothing more than a puppet for all his Wall Street buddies -- which is why I'm perplexed when the folks on the right stirring up paranoia that Obama is turning America into a socialist state when he handed out billions in welfare checks to banks, insurance companies, McDonalds, and dozens of international corporations... oh, and I almost forgot about using our tax dollars to bail out foreign banks without our consent), and I'm definitely not buying into those teabagging movements because most of them were cleverly rebranded stalwarts from the GOPs.

What concerns me is the whispers that the former members of the IRA (Irish Revolutionary Army) are ready to blow shit up -- especially banks based in London. Ireland is under an economic shit storm with rampant unemployment and property prices plunging when their real estate bubble burst. The Anglo Irish Bank had too much exposure gambling on loans to developers. It became nationalized (sound familiar?) with total bailouts funds around 30 billion Euros. Ireland is in deep trouble, and the EU and IMF bank offered them bail out packages. Once the IMF steps in, historically speaking, the country is doomed because of the ridiculous interest attached to the loans and other harsh realities of their iron-clad austerity packages. That's what Bono has been on his soap box rallying against the last few years -- to make the IMF absolve loans to third world countries (Africa and South America) who spend most of their GNP on juice from those loansharks. Now, Bono is going to have to beg the banking elite since Ireland is on the verge of becoming a third world country.

The citizens of Ireland are outraged and on the verge of civil unrest because their politicians sat around and did nothing but shovel money to the banks. Sound familiar? Bankers got funds. The people got zilch. Now, the government is about to sell them into slavery with the IMF. Instead of attacking British tanks like they did in the 1980s, the rogues that used to be in the IRA are dusting off their bomb making materials and hitting the banking industry. Man, if word gets out that the Irish are blowing up banks, what will the reaction be in America?

When I was a kid growing up in an Irish/Jewish neighborhood, that's all you would heard about -- the IRA. At some point in the 1970-80s, if you drank a pint in any Irish pub in New York City, chances are you were helping launder money for the IRA. There were rumors that the "second collection" in our Catholic parish often went to buy arms for the IRA -- to help eradicate the Protestants in power. Right after 9/11, there's was a huge backlash against taxi drivers and bodegas, because the fear mongerers warned that every newspaper you bought from a brown person or cab ride contributed to funding the American Jihad.

The truth lies in the middle. I'm sure there are a handful of bodegas in the New York Metropolitan area that send money to mosques somewhere that teach anti-American rhetoric. And yes, in the 1970s, it's was well documented than many bars sent their proceeds to Ireland to help their Northern Irish brothers and sisters break free from British rule.

But what about today? Every Irish Car Bomb you drink at the local bar helps fund another bank getting blown up in London.

When I was a kid, we didn't have as many outlets to obtain news like we do in the internet age. We were stuck on news cycles -- the early morning paper or later morning paper and the evening news. That's it. The only 24-hour news outlet was on the radio, and that was about the only medium that you could tune into that gave any sort of news around the clock. If you weren't religiously glued to that dial, you had to wait until nighttime to turn on the boob tube to watch the local news and then wait for the national news which slotted a few minutes for international stories. Sometimes they talked about Northern Ireland. I occasionally got a glimpse of the ravaged streets of Belfast, where citizens clashed with Brits often throwing rocks and homemade bombs at Her Majesty's soldiers. My non-Irish mother would often toss in a barb at my Irish-father, "Those micks are never going to win because they are so drunk they don't know they are using rocks to fight against armed soldiers." My father was never one to get into a heated political argument, so he would silently leave the apartment and head down to the Leprechaun, the corner pub. Who knows for sure how much his drinking habit had indirectly funded the IRA. He was not politically active and didn't care about "The Troubles" in Ireland. Both my father and grandfather were born in America and neither had ever visited the Emerald Isle.

If anything, my father (a former U.S. marine stationed in Germany) was more concerned with a potential two front war -- with the Russians and the Iranians. I grew up during the Iranian hostage crisis and images of bounded Americans with pillow cases over their heads appeared in the newspapers. In 1980, my father was worried that if the Russians didn't bomb us, then we'd get bogged down in a Vietnam-type of war of attraction in the Middle East.

"Those religious zealots in Iran," he said, "are the real threat to your future."

Those are some harsh words for an eight year old.

The Berlin Wall would topple within a decade of that conversation and the Russians were no longer a threat. But never underestimate the wisdom of an alkie. My old man's prediction partially came true -- thirty years later, our troops are bogged down in a hundred year holy war that might never end, and to complicate matters there are rumblings that the next front will open up in Iran.

Talk about a bad idea. Our country is broke and we simply don't have the resources or man power to invade a third country in a decade. And let's not forget the hobbit despot in North Korea. Depending on which slanted-coverage you read -- the latest clash between North Korean troops and South Korean military doing joint exercises with the US -- is the others' fault. It football terms, it's an offsides call. But we don't have an impartial referee to determine if we're offsides or they encroached us. One thing is for certain, that's one skirmish we can't afford to get involved in. We already fought one proxy war with China in the 1950s. Do we need another 60 years later in the middle of fighting a holy war?

As one political writer chastised one of his knowledgeable readers in a recent post, "What do you mean you're worried that WWIII is going to start? It's been going on for nine years."

There's plenty of facts. The hard part is connecting the dots. The media used to help citizens connect the dots, but these days, you can't really trust anyone in the mainstream media -- because they have strayed from journalistic integrity that made them the Watchers and true guardians against those misbehaving in power. So many media outlets have their own agendas that come first before servicing the people -- solely operating to generate income, or act as propaganda wings for parent corporations, and/or influence public opinion for well-connected politicians and intelligence agencies.

That's why it's really up to the individual to do their own due diligence. But there's too much stuff that's it's overwhelming, so the end, you have to do your own homework. There's a quote that stands out a lot when I think about the vagaries of the media business...

"There's my side. There's your side. Then there's the truth."

Don't be lazy and listen to one of the talking heads. Take the time and seek out the truth for yourself.